Quick Fixes for the Offense

The closest thing to a quick-fix would come if we can acquire some too-old-to-be-a-prospect bat from triple-A. Players aren't usually considered "prospects" after age 25; on the other hand, batters are held to be at their peak at the age of 26-28 (27 is a common claim and the one I've usually assumed to be true, but this guy's research makes 26 look more reasonable). Point being that our quick-fix savior(s?) should be somewhere in this age range. And be able to hit. Given our current lineup, we should be able to accommodate players at just about any position (a CF, for instance, can move to LF).

Perusing the IL and PCL leaderboards, then, I suggest these guys as possible candidates:
  • Scott Moore (HOU), 28 yrs., LH 3B, .306/.414/.593
  • Joey Butler (TEX), 28 yrs., RH RF, .317/.433/.556
  • Clint Robinson (KC), 27 yrs., LH 1B, .313/.431/.520
  • Michael Taylor (OAK), 26 yrs., RH LF, .340/.510/.428
  • Elian Herrera (LAD), 27 yrs., RH SS, .358/.381/.550
  • Matt McBride (COL), 27 yrs., RH C, .353/.380/.527
  • Brandon Moss (OAK), 28 yrs., LH OF, .297/.372/.531
  • Matt LaPorta (CLE), 27 yrs., RH 1B, .323/.408/.656
  • Steve Pearce (NYY), 29 yrs., RH 1B, .331/.423/.579
  • Mauro Gomez (BOS), 27 yrs., RH 1B, .294/.336/.610
  • Corey Brown (WAS), 26 yrs., LH CF, .275/.397/.490
  • Scott van Slyke (LAD), 25 yrs. 10 mos., RH LF, .336/.411/.623

For the sake of tractability, I limited my search to PCLers who are OPSing > .900 and ILers who are OPSing > .850. Also limited the search to players aged 26-29 (plus van Slyke). I'm guessing if I wanted to be more nuanced, I could research more into specific park effects, line drive percentages, etc. I'm supposed to be studying for my comprehensive exam right now though.

Also, none of the players listed above would likely come for free and some may be much more highly valued than their minor leaguer status would imply. Still, it seems like one or two of those guys might be gettable in exchange for parts. That said, it might be hard to justify trading anything other than just parts to acquire any of them.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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