Take a page out of Maddens book.

Madden batted Carlos Pena 1st in the batting order because he was walking so much. He isn't hitting the ball or driving in runs. Why not put him leadoff since he is walking so much and let other guys knock him in. I don't really like the move, but I love how he is thinking outside the box and trying to reinvent the lineup to produce runs. We have by far the worst offense in the league, why shouldn't Hurdle do somethings to try and jump start this lineup. I would be interested to see the following lineup tomorrow.

1. Tabata RF

2. McGahee 3B

3. McCutchen CF

4. Harrison SS

5. Walker 2nd

6. Jones 1B

7 Hernandez LF

8 Barajas C

Let Mcgahee get some fastballs in the two hole. If Tabata gets on, they won't want to take a chance at walking Mcgahee and putting two guys on for Cutch. They will go right after him and hopefully get him some fastballs to drive. Harrison batting fourth sounds crazy, but he has the 2nd best OPS on the team and is pretty even with Pedro and Jones for Slugging. He also leads the team for BA with runners in scoring position. Hold the small sample size argument. Once again we need to look at it from the standpoint of we can't get any worse. I also would like to see Barajas in the 8 hole swinging for the fences. I am tired of seeing runners on base with 1 out and Barmes coming to the plate and either grounding into two or striking out so the pitcher is left to not drive in the runs. Also I hate seeing Barajas on the base path with a guy in the 8 hole who can't hit for power and then the pitcher to follow. It makes no sense. Say there are two out and Barajas hits a single or takes a walk. Barmes is batting 8th and the pitcher 9th. Unless Barmes hits a homerun we aren't scoring that inning. Even if he puts it in the corner, Barajas is lucky to get to third. However if you have Gorky hitting 7th and taking a walk. You have a shot for Barajas to either go deep or put one in gap and let Gorky run for awhile.

Hey we can't do much worse.

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