About a month and a half until the trade deadline.

When you add in the All Star break, you have about a month and a half until the July 31 trade deadline. The bucs are 5 games above .500, half game out of first and a very easy schedule leading up to that date. With plenty of games against the Cubs, Astros, Twins, and Brewers. If things keep going the way they are(knock on wood) it looks as though we are going to be buying. So the questions are, who might be selling and who could we get?

1. Cubs are definitely going to be selling. Despite reports, I think Castro is pretty much off limits. Lahair is having a nice season, but do you want to pick up a perennial minor leaguer in his first big league season for a playoff push? Soriano is interesting, but I am assuming the money we would have to take on wouldn't be worth it.

2. Astros are young. Wandy Rodriguez might be an interesting pick up to slot in over Correia for the right pieces. Also Carlos Lee might be a good pick up. He has hit well and not struck out much, however he does only have 4 homers in a hitter friendly park.

3. Padres are young as well. Quentin has been out of his mind so far. Wonder what the Padres would want for him once he comes back down to earth. Headley is having a so so season. Don't know much about his range in the outfield, if we are going to put a liability in the outfield I want a guy who is going to mash.

4. Rockies.... We aren't getting Cargo or Tulo. I don't want anyone else.

5. Twins. A lot of people are going to want Willingham, and he might be the best guy we can get. I think there will be a lot of other teams going after him as well. Don't know if Morneau would become available, but I wouldn't mind going after him.

6. A's... Reddick is young and I see the A's asking too much for him. Does anyone know if Manny's contract has a no trade? If the A's are out, it might be interesting to think about. It also might be the single dumbest idea there is...

7.Boston... Salty??? I like a platoon with he and Rod better than Rod and Fort. Also would be a nice bat to have off the bench. Don't know that the Redsox would become sellers no matter how far they fall out.

8. KC..... Butler would take a lot. Gordon could be had for less and he has pretty good plate discipline. The question becomes, where are we and how much do we want to give up? If we are 10 games above .500, and we sign Appel... do we go all in? If so, I think Tallion could net us better than Butler, but who would be available? I wish we had a pitcher slotting in the top 50 to 100 that could be a centerpiece for Butler.

Do we start thinking outside the box? Could a Tallion, Marte, Owens actually net us Cargo? Maybe throw in Brad Lincoln to sweeten the deal and bring up Morris to fill his spot in the pen.

Maybe I am just being an over zealous sob.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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