The Gathering III - SOLD OUT AGAIN *Edited 6/27

OKAY - PensFan024 has snapped up Pagliaroni's ticket, so we are again maxed! This is GREAT!

As far as payments, I have a post in to Steelreign to get latest updates for everyone.

Again - you are certainly welcome to get your own tickets to the game, and hang with us for the Tailgate festivities. Having a "group ticket" is not a requirement, by any means - any and all are welcome!

The currentest list (including who's paid):

Steelreign-2 Tickets..... PAID
Kipper-2 Tickets
Cocktailsfor2-1 ticket Vlad - 1 ticket..... PAID
IAPF-1 Ticket .....PAID
soxdetox-2 Tickets..... PAID
WTM-1 Ticket..... PAID
bdeff-1 Ticket..... PAID
Beezy-1 Ticket
airleg1-1 Ticket.....PAID
Pagliaroni-1 Ticket..... PAID - but this ticket is going to PensFan024
War Machine-1 Ticket .....PAID
stanbelinda-1 Ticket ..... PAID
Schide-2 Tickets .....PAID
dr roxtar-1 Ticket..... PAID
lighthouse913 -2 Tickets..... PAID
burgherking-1 Ticket..... PAID
PghPinstripes-2..... PAID
JRoth-1 Ticket
Yung-Han-1 Ticket..... PAID
Steelergrl - 2 tickets.....PAID
Benny - 2 tickets
phillybucco - 1 ticket
Party Boy - 1 ticket..... PAID
ryebr3ad - 1 ticket

EDIT: Nearly EVERYONE has paid, and those that are not yet paid are either new, or have communicated with me (which I have forwarded on to Steelreign) - THANK YOU!

ETA: lfhlaw makes a good point in the comments: We are gonna need a table or two to put the food and drink on! Anybody? Beueller?

So let's concentrate on what we're bringing - anybody make a special potato salad, or fabulous side dish? Do your friends and family drool over your dolmas? Start thinking, start posting - let's get the cornucopia completed!


lfhlaw - Grill / burgers / buns / cooler

Cocktailsfor2 - batch of Bloody Caesars / will endeavor to bring some beers / 1 extra chair

IAPF - Cooler / ice / water / soda (TBD)

War Machine - trash bags, plates, forks etc.

bdeff - Nathan's hot dogs and buns

dr _roxtar - canopy YES! Thank you!

JSteelers86 - Beanbag (Cornhole) / chips / snickety snax

BurgherKing - Brats / Softballs (anybody got any extra gloves?)

stanbelinda - BEER

Beezy - Home-brewed BEER (and man, does he do it right, kids!) / mac 'n' cheese / (perhaps) burger meat

Steelreign - Cooler / ice / water

PghPinstripes - Card Table / 2 Chairs / Cooler / ice / Water / the Cap’n / Coke (diet)

In my estimation, we're still in need of one more coolers / water / ICE / and some more side dishes (baked beans? salad / slaw?)...

Whatchoo gonna bring?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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