The Gathering III UPDATED 6-15

Yes, kids - it's THAT time of year again! The return of the bloggers, PSF Tailgate / Blogapalooza / the Gathering III !!!

Saturday, July 21, against the dreaded Miami Marlins, we will invade PNC and have our third annual get-together, where we eat, drink, and cheer the Pirates on to victory (we're 2-0 thus far)!!

The details: As far as tailgating, we're scaling it back just a little bit this year, as one of the main organizers / grillers from PSF is unable to attend this year, but we are undaunted in our resolve to have one HELL of a time! See old friends - make new ones! Put faces to usernames! Tell Charlie what you think of his post-game writeups - right to his face! Guess IAPirateFan's ever-lessening weight! Laugh as Cocktailsfor2 hobbles like a 90-year-old man! Learn the secrets behind Smitty's awesome RumBunter photoshops! Argue about Appel's FB movement with Vlad!

I already have a verbal "probably" from Pirates' GM Neal Huntington to swing by and chat with the assembled horde, and am efforting more Pirates' personnel - you never know who might stop by!

Here's the gig: in the past, you have been forced to scramble for tickets - this year, through some finagling, we have about 25 tickets already held for us and they are MUCH BETTER seats than in years past - we're behind home plate! - they just need to be paid for A.S.A.P. - which means, if you wanna sit with the gang at the game, you need to holla, and SOON! (If you wish to come to the tailgate, and sit somewhere else in the park, that's cool, too, and you can take your time.) Tickets are only $16

If you're in - and you'd BETTER BE - indicate how many tix you want in the replies, and I'll give you the address to send your money. Remember - people from PSF are signing up, too... First come, first served!

We'll start dealing with who's bringing what to eat / drink soon. Just want to get the info out now.

As past attendees will tell you - it's one HELL of a time! Don't miss this year's, or you'll be kicking yourself later... those who have wanted to attend in the past, get off your asses and sign up NOW!

EDITED TO ADD: Tickets are going FAST! Besides indicating in the comments below that you are coming, PLEASE send me an email with your BD USERNAME IN THE SUBJECT LINE. I will email you the address to send your money..

PLEASE NOTE: If you have asked for a ticket / tickets, you need to send your money STAT - [a] Steelreign is paying for these upfront (which is not particularly convenient, but very kind of him to do) [b] you will be confirmed as he receives your money. [c] I know this sounds a bit harsh, but - if all the tickets get accounted for, but not paid for, the "next in line" process will occur, and you will be refunded.

Also, as mentioned before, you can buy your own ticket(s) to the game (like Charlie has), and opt to hang at the tailgating, but not sit with the group - BE ADVISED - this game is selling out, FAST.

UPDATE 6/14 4:30 pm

From Steelreign in the PSF thread

"The Tickets are now paid for and are in the mail. Here is the up to date list of the people who have reserved tickets.

Steelreign-2 Tickets..... PAID
Kipper-2 Tickets
Cocktailsfor2-1 ticket Vlad - 1 ticket..... PAID
IAPF2-1 Ticket .....PAID
soxdetox-2 Tickets
WTM-1 Ticket..... PAID
bdeff-1 Ticket
Beezy-1 Ticket
airleg1-1 Ticket.....PAID
Pagliaroni-1 Ticket
War Machine-1 Ticket .....PAID
stanbelinda-1 Ticket
Schide-2 Tickets .....PAID
dr roxtar-1 Ticket..... PAID
burgherking-1 Ticket
JRoth-1 Ticket
Yung-Han-1 Ticket

Benny - 2 tickets

There are 5 remaining tickets available, so if you're thinking about going you better act fast because you can't get this kind of fun anywhere else.

NOTE: Steelreign has started receiving payment already (thanks to those who took care of it so quickly!), and I have noted if yours is / are paid.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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