Projected 2014 Lineup

So with the recent moves of sending Tabata down and rumors flying about Marte I've been thinking a little about the future, just for fun. We read earlier today that some people are comparing Cole to a possible Verlander, which is hard to say at this point but still exciting. Not to mention the arms we have in AAA, Heredia or Taillon. Also possible recent draftees such as Mathisen, possibly Appel if we can sign him and Josh Bell (remember him?) So with pieces we have now like Cutch, possibly Pedro depending upon what side of a tear he's on and current pitchers what do you foresee the future looking like.

Personally I could see this:

1B Pedro I think it will happen at some point

2B Walker

SS Mercer/Hanson

3B this one could be a toss up, but I like Cunningham, even though he currently would be a 2B I think he could possible develop enough power to be in this spot...or who knows if Allie could figure it out

LF Cutch, with the supposed weaker arm of the outfield prospects

CF Starling Marte, I think we keep him despite trade mentions

RF Tabata/Josh Bell? This is a ginormous question mark at this point but this my board so I'll say it

C Fort/Sanchez/Mathisen/The cookie monster?, this one is my biggest stretch of wishful thinking for Mathisen, I know he's very young but I'm just not sold on Sanchez and with not many other options really stepping up we'll go this route

Starting Pitching Cole, Taillon, Mcdonald, Locke/Owens and then some random veteran Free Agent, possibly Heredia but I think that's wishful thinking as well. I also don't plan on us signing Appel just based on a gut feeling even though the FO should with the leverage they have.

This is all in fun and just a glimpse at the future, thankfully I'm not in the FO. Let's hope these Bucs keep battling and we have this season to keep looking forward to instead of just the future.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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