Where Are the Holes?

While this may seem like a dumb question to ask while driving down one of the back roads in Western PA in the winter, to me this season seems a bit weird. I know I do not follow the bucs, saberstats or anything of that nature NEARLY as closely as some of the more avid stat junkies as can be found here, I do know this

1) Clint Barmes defensively is (to me) at this point a serviceable defensive replacement. Watching him field in comparison to Ronny Cedeno last year is much easier to watch. However watching him bat....It's like Lyle Overbay all over again.

2) I am sure there are some Pedro Haters still out there, as well as some GFJ haters, However I really at this time dont see the corner infeild spots as our weakness or hole in the line-ups.That rests in the other corners.

3) I am probably as let down as anybody about Jose Tabata. While I dont think he should be delt I do think that some move needs to be made to help Cutch in the outfield. Last year I thought those who labled Alex Presley as a 4th outfielder were towely high. But at this point in the season I think they were right and I am wrong (there I ate my crow!!).

4) Kevin Correia competes on the mound, but he gets rocked by solid lineups. Someone in the game thread or post-game the other day noted that his numbers have skyrocketed in the past 365 days. If the bucs are going to end the streak this hole is going to need to be addressed. It is time to take a long look at some of the guys banging at the door and shift KC to the LR role.

Where are the solutions? I dont even claim to have any new or flashy ideas, but I do have ideas. First like most others I personally think the best way to solidify the OF is to bring up Marte immediately after the AS break. By doing that, and shifting Drew Sutton to SS that really allows NH and Clint Hurdle to really evaluate where to go at the deadline. If a hole still exists in the middle infield position I dont think there are a lot of players out there that can be had for relatively cheep. I am just throwing some names out there so here it goes!

Elliot Johnson (TB)

Mike Aviles (BOS): this one is almost as farfetched as getting castro from the cubs...who btw i cant friggin stand

Jamey Carroll (MIN)

The problem is that I am not nearly familiar enough with the farm hands to say "this for that" would be a good deal. To improve, have to give something or someone up. Like I said, I am not familiar enough with the farm to say who should go and who should stay, but I do know that our farm is pretty deep and some of those bubba's may never see playing time with the parent club this year, next year, or the year after. So the real question is how long before the crops start going bad ? But there is also the possibility that all these guys are pot smoking bums....

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