Yes, another trade dealine post

Hey fellas, this is my first post here and would love to here your thoughts on acquiring some of these players.

Catcher: This position is pretty solid with the emergence of Michael McKenry. However, if Barajas were to go on the DL for an extended period of time I wouldnt mind checking in on Ramon Hernandez of the Rockies. They have Wilin Rosario mashing there and really dont know what to do with Hernandez.

First Base: Garret Jones and Casey McGehee should do just fine here. If we were looking to put Jones in RF full time we could look to acquire James Loney from the Dodgers for the remainder of the year or even Andy Van Slyke, who has put up good numbers in the minors for the Dodgers at a decent age.

Second Base: Neil Walker is very reliable to play 150+ games a year with very good defense and above average offense. No need to trade for anyone here.

Shortstop: Clint Barmes has been just awful. His defense has hardly been spectacular and if he could get his OPS above Cutch's Slugging percent that might be nice too. But, Barmes has been known to be a very good second-half player. Even with that, I would acquire Stephen Drew for a couple average specs. Drew is set to become a FA in 2013, barring he declines his mutual option. The D'Backs have used him as a reserve so he should be expendable.

Third Base: I dont understand why so many are rooting for the FO to get Chase Headley. He is a marginal upgrade over Alvarez and trading Starling Marte and others wouldnt hardly be worth.4 WAR upgrade. Instead, lets get see what the price is on Placido Polanco. He would provide a consistant bat to plug in when ALvarez is struggling and would only cost 2-3 mill. His contract would be off the books after this year so this is really a small risk for a decent player.

Outfield: The pirates have a number of quetions to answer and CF is certainly not one of them. Can Marte be a productive major leaguer? Can Sutton keep this up or at least come close to this? Can Presley be the Presley we saw in 2011? Can Tabata be the Tabata we saw in 2010?? Should we break the bank for a guy like Carlos Quentin or Bryan Lahair? Do we take on some cap to get Soriano? Do we trade Hanrahan for Denard Span? Frankly, I dont know the answer but it should be very interesting to find out which way the FO goes.

Starting Pitching: Jmac. Aj, and Karstens should be a good 1-2-3. Now, we need to find a #4. Correia and Bedard are good #5's, but not #4's. I think the FO should give Rudy Owens a shot before making any moves. If he bombs, then we need to make a move. Anibal Sanchez and Brandon McCarthy would be very nice options. I'd take Sanchez over McCarthy because over health reasons but McCarthy should be much easier to get. I say a guy like Polanco plus Locke should get it done. If they dont accept, try and get Clayton Richard of the San Diego Padres. He doesnt become a FA till 2015 and shouldnt cost too much prospect wise. He does have a big home/road split bt as a lefty in PNC he should do just fine. I would really like to get Matt Garza for, say, Tony Sanchez and others. We need to trade Sanchez as fast as possible before the MLB finds out he is juicing. Jeremy Guthrie could be had for salary relief, though im not sure he is an upgrade over Correia or Bedard.

Relief Pitching: Despite having the second best bullpen in baseball, we lack a huge hole in our bullpen. That hole would be a lefty specialist. Watson has been pitching great but he lefties hit him much better than righties. One guy I really like is Charlie Furbush of the M's(LH batters have just a .410 OPS against him and he recently just ended a 22 scoreless inning streak). I also wouldnt mind adding another dominant 8th inning guy to replace Resop.

So, that sums it up. I look forward to hearing what Bucs Dugout thinks.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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