Bucs Dugout Exclusive: A Recap of the Game Thread from the Pirates' Epic 19 Inning Victory on Sunday

The Pirates won a very memorable 19 inning affair over the St. Louis Cardinals on Sunday. It was one of the most exciting days I've had as a sports fan in many years. I didn't get to see the game because I don't have Root sports. However, I was able to follow the action thanks to the Bucs Dugout game day thread. Below is a recap of the highlights of the day. We pick up the action in the bottom of the 9th inning as Kevin Correia takes the mound for the Pirates in a 2-2 tie:

Bottom of the 9th inning:

Damn, Correia's in the game. Crap, Correia's pitching. Don't like the fact that Correia's in there. You naysayers need to shut up, any pitcher can pitch the 9th inning. Crap, wish Hanrahan was in the game...... Ball one, shit! It's a ball, guys. Damn, 1-0......STRIKE! It's 1-1 guys. Awesome, a strike!.......You're out of your mind, this is the perfect spot for Hanrahan. He's the closer. It's a tie game on the road, you don't bring a closer in........ Shit, it's 2-1. Another ball, guys. 2-1...... I can't watch. Me either. Certainly not watching the rest of this. He's going to blow it. Damn, 2-1....... One away. OK, one out. Yes! YES! One away!.........You're using a straw man argument when it comes to the closer. I am not using a straw man argument. Oh, I believe you are. No, it's you whose argument is full of straw. Maybe you should look up the term "straw man." No, maybe you should look it up.........TWO AWAY! Two outs! Way to get another out, Kevin. Awesome job, Kev!.....Why don't you take that naysayer crap back to Smiziktahn! Yeah, go back to Smizikville. Yeah, any reliever can pitch in any inning. Yeah, take your negativity to Smizik and his cronies. You're all stupid. Hanrahan is among the save leaders......You know who has the most saves in history? Jesus. I don't believe in God. Me either. I don't know, I think Jesus would have made a great cleanup hitter. I'm an athiest. OK, let's please stop talking about religion, guys.......Three outs! On to extra innings! It's time for the 10th! Really thought he was going to blow it!!!!!! Great job, Kev!

Top of the 11th:

Come on, Walker! Do it, Neil! Yeah, Neil's going to get a hit! Yeah, I think he is, too! I can't believe they're putting him in there in such a critical situation with a dislocated finger. Shut up, yinzer. Yeah, yinzer, keep your mouth shut. Yeah, troll...........Shit, double play. Damn, it's a double play. Oh, almost! Damn, why was Walker batting there? Yeah, shouldn't have been batting. No way should he have been up in that situation. What did Walker do, guys? Double play. Double play. DOUBLE PLAY! Fuck!

Bottom of the 11th:

Crap, Resop is in the game. Why's Resop in there? Why did they take Correia out? They're lifting Correia?......Damn, it's over. I can't watch. I can't watch. HAVE TO GO BBQ, BUT THIS IS OVER, HE'S GOING TO BLOW IT!.......Shut up, trolls! Yeah, trolls, shut up. We don't need trolls in here. Go home, trolls. Yeah, any relief pitcher can pitch any inning.....Take your flawed logic elsewhere. I'm not the one with flawed logic, it is you. No, it's you. NO, I believe it's you. Do you even know what logic means? Yes, but it's pretty obvious that you don't......The President uses flawed logic all the time. Screw Obama! Screw Romney! Ryan is an ass! Obama sucks! Can we please stop with all the political discussion, thanks. Sorry. Sorry. JUST PLAYIN'. Sorry, dude............Crap, a ball. Damn, 1-0. Man, another ball. Crap, Resop sucks.......Three outs! Awesome! On to the 12th! What happened, guys? 12th inning coming up. We're headed for the 12th. It's time for the 12th. Yes! Yes! YES!

Top of the 13th:

Come on, Tabata! Do it, Tabata!.......A hit! Way to go, Tabs! Way to get on base, Jose! Yeah, a hit! Woohooo!.......I had a dream that Tabata was my roommate in college, he was such a cool guy. Definitely make a great roommate. Great roommate. Tabata your roomate? LOL! LOL!.......FUCK! He's out? Why steal there? What the hell? He sucks! They should have called up Presley instead. Bad attitude. Definitely a jerk. What a selfish play!.....If you don't know baseball, go back to Smiziktahn. Yeah, naysayer. Stealing there is a good risk. Good calculated risk. TROLL! Definitely should ban that troll! Go argue with Bob, troll!.....IT'S OK, TABS. Better luck next time, Jose!

Bottom of the 14th:

They lifted Resop? Three scoreless and he's gone? Hurdle's an idiot! Why bring in Hanrahan now? Damn, Hammer's in the game. Come on, Hammer! Keep it going, baby!..............It doesn't matter when your closer pitches. He should still be able to get three outs in any inning...........Damn, this is why I wish Lincoln was still here. Take that talk elsewhere. Yeah, troll. Travis Snider has tremendous upside, troll. Go back to Smiziktahn, troll!....I was just kidding, guys. Oh, sorry, can't distinguish sarcasm online, there should be a rule that anytime you write sarcastically, you use different font. Yeah, should be a rule. Rule. RULE! Yeah, I suggested such a rule to Charlie. Yeah, rule. No doubt, rule............Damn, ball! 1-0. It's another ball, guys. Crap, he's wild. Come on, Hammer! Damn, 1-0.....I can't watch. Going to walk the dog, he'll blow it. Time to turn the tv off. Can't watch this.....STRIKE! 1-1. It's 1-1, guys. Great pitch, Hammer! STRIKE!..........Whew, on to the 15th. Survived another inning, guys. It's on to the top of the 15th. Wow, it's going to the top of the 15th. Wow, what a game. WAY TO GO, HAMMER!

Top of the 17th:

JMac's going to hit? I had a dream that JMac hit a home run to win the game. I had a dream that Jmac and I were playing Texas Hold'em and he went all in! LOL! LOL! LMAO!.....Come on, JMac. Do it, James. Come on, McDonald! Mcdonald wins it with a homer! Do it, James.........Hit! HIT! Hit! Way to get on base, JMac!...........Come on, Jones, knock JMac in! Bring him home, GFJ! Come on, GFJ! You can do it, Garrett! Intense!!!!! Ball one! Ball! BALL! Good eye, Garrett. Why to go, Jonesy.........Hit! YES! Safe! SAFE! WE'RE AHEAD!!!!!!!!!!WAY TO GO, GFJ..........I wonder what all the naysayers are saying now? Yeah, go home, naysayers. Screw naysayers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........You don't tug on Superman's cape/you don't spit into the wind/you don't pull the mask off an old lone ranger/and you don't mess around with GFJ!!! Love Croce. Croce! Love Croce. Favorite song was "Leroy Brown," same concept as "Don't mess around with Jim," though. No it isn't. Yes it is. No it isn't. I believe it is. Yeah, they're both about a guy who thinks he's big and bad but gets his comeuppance in the end. You're using flawed logic. No, you are. No, you are. You could blow away your straw man argument with a slight wind.....You know who you should never mess around with? Jesus. I'm an atheist. Me too. I love Christ. So do I. Jesus couldn't hit a curve ball. Can we please stop talking about religion, guys?

Bottom of the 17th:

Come on, boys! Wrap it up! Wrap it up, Juan Cruz.! Come on, Cruz. CRUZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe they lifted Hanrahan. Shut up, troll! Go home, naysayer!........First and third, no out, I can't watch. Can't watch. He's going to blow it. This is where they could have used Lincoln. Damn, 1st and 3rd, no out. Damn. DAMN! Come on, we got this! We definitely got this! We got this!.......Fuck, it's tied! Shit! DAmn! Crap! My heart can't take this. He's going to blow it. It's over. Screw this game! Go home, naysayer! Sale the team!!!!!!! Derp!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Top of the 19th:

Alvarez just looks lost. Yeah, bad day. Bad day for Kdro. Definitely a bad day. Damn, 1-2. Damn, behind in the count. Damn it, behind in the count! Crap, it's 1-2.............GONE! Homer! It's out of here! Holy crap, it's gone!!!!!!! Way to go, Daydro! Way to put us in front, El Toro! YES!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....Look at how hot Pedro's wife is. She's smokin'. Definitely a hottie. Wow, she's gorgeous! MMMMMMMMMMM! Definitely hotter than Bob Smizik's wife. Screw his wife!!!! Smizik's wife is totally ugly. She's nothing but a naysayer!

Bottom of the 19th:

6-3, come on Wandy! Bring it home, Wandy! Why's Wandy still in there? This is where they could have used Lincoln. This is why they should have saved Hanrahan for this spot. Damn, Wandy's still in there. Crap, Wandy's in there!.....I can't watch. Me either. This game is over. I can't stand it. Crap! I'm going to walk the dog. Crap.........Why is Harrison in right field? Harrison's in right field? Crap. Crap. CRAP!!!!! Harrison's in right field, guys............Great catch, Harrison! JAY HAY! Way to go, Jay Hay! Great grab, Harrison!!!!!!!!!!!!.............Raise it! It has been raised!!!!! RAISE THE JOLLY ROGER! RAISE IT!!!! RAISE IT!!!!!!What happened, guys? The Pirates won. Buccos prevail. The Bucs won.......I wonder what the Naysayers are saying now? Go home, naysayers! Yeah, this is nothing like the Jerry Meals game. RAISE IT!!!!!!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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