Cutch Analysis - The Elephant in the Room

So am I the only one worried a little about Cutch? A slump is one thing. And of course to keep up the pace he was on for the first 4 months would have been nearly impossible. But forget the fact that he has two homers in August. Or that's he's batting .235 with a 26% K-rate since being beaned by Chapman. Just look at the quality of his at bats over the past week especially. He's dangerously close to being Pedro-zian when he has 2 strikes on him. I cant be the only one who mutters "oh sh!t" when he gets behind in the count now, can I? He's waving at stuff in the dirt, and just flat out swinging thru lots of middle-middle stuff.

When he got beaned by Chapman, and he immediately stared back, and then absolutely lost it in the dugout and violently screamed to everyone within earshot "F@CK THEM!!" repeatedly, I just about got chills. I was so pumped that he was so p!ssed and I just knew he was the kinda guy who would harness his emotions to retaliate with a vengeance through his bat. Maybe it's because nobody protected him the next 2 games (granted, the situations in both games made it very difficult to drill someone since JMAC let the first 2 on the day after and then pre-game warnings were issued the next day), maybe it's because he let his emotions control him and take him out of his game, maybe it's because he is pressing, maybe it's because the stress of the pennant race is getting to him - I dont know what it is, but to say he is "slumping" the past few weeks is a massive understatement.

He's on edge right now. Look at him jumping all over DK on Twitter cause DK had the audacity to say that Saturday's performance wasnt going to cut it as the Pirates best player. Cutch took offense and fired back "some friend you are" (disappointingly so, too, because I always thought Cutch was brighter than that..i'll shake it off as heat of the moment, but clearly his general "awareness" is not quite as high as I thought it was if he doesnt understand that DK cant be a reporter and a fan and a friend all at the same time).

We all thought when he added on the insurance by lacing that ball the opposite way in the 19th on Sunday that it was gonna be the start of his break-out. Last night showed that maybe we were a little premature with our thoughts. And remember, it was Pedro who did the heavy lifting on Sunday. He took the edge of Cutch by belting that bomb, making Cutch's at bat inherently less important/stressful, which means he could relax a bit and just be himself (as soon as he realizes this, he'll be fine, by the way).

I cant stand when Hurdle rests Cutch or Walker in the middle of a hot streak because "they need a break." Barring an injury, it's such a joke the concept of needing a break from running at full speed maybe 5 times a night for a few seconds at a pop. Needing a mental break tho? 100 percent legit obviously. And I think it's time for Cutch to take one, whether its tonite or tomorrow (then Hurdle can take advantage of his beloved '2 days of rest' with the off day on Thursday).

I assume some will immediately take offense for saying something not positive about Cutch. I love the guy as much as anyone and know that he will turn this around and be in contention for the MVP. But right now, with the Pirates in the midst of their most important games played in 18 years - Cutch is pulling a Barry Bonds / Bobby Bonilla circa-October 1991 - laying an egg when the team needs him most.

For all you guys that we're waking up to ask your dad what the score was during the early 90s play-off runs, go check out the play-off stats for Bonds, Bonilla and even Van Slyke for that matter. It's also why Llyod McClendon will always have a free pass in my book (dude raked in 92).

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