Looking ahead to the Offseason(FA and ideal trades)

Hello, now that we have won a game I can stand being on this site. Anywhoo, I think the title is self-explanatory enough so lets begin.

Offer Rbitration to Jones, Resop, Hanrahan, Karstens, McDonald, and Walker.

*ALtogether Jones and Hanrahan will make the most significant raises while the others will only get a raise of a million or less due to performance(Resop), Injury(Karstens), or ARB 1(Walker and McDonald)

Decline Arbitration on Charlie Morton

* As Much as I like Ground Chuck, we really dont need him and I'm not too thrilled about a 2.5+ mill righty relief specialist.

Decline Option on Barajas

No way Barajas is worth 3.5 mill and with no buyout theres really no reason not to decline it.

Trade for Shields

With Tampa Bay losing BJ Upton to FA, you know they will be looking for a young, cheap but talented outfielder. They will also be looking for ways to get some of their young guys like Chris Archer a shot, which could lead to James Shields being shopped. A Ramon Cabrera/Clay Holmes/Travis Snider for James Shields/Jose Molina sounds like a fair price to me. ALthough we would only get Shields for 1 year, losing the three we are giving up doesnt hurt us much.

Resign Jason Grilli, Sign Mike Adams and/or Dice K.

Resigning Grilli is a must. He would be a fine closer in the event Hanrahan gets traded and has proved to be a reliable set up man. I wouldnt mind signing Adams for multiple years at 5 mill or so with his track record. I also want to sign Dice K because he wont cost too much and I think his high K rate will transition well to a relief role.

Trade for Shin Soo Choo

I think we have enough pieces to get Choo. Man his .380 career OBP is very fine. Cleveland needs pitching and I think a package centered around Mcpherson or Locke could get it done. I would add Presley, Hague, Leroux, and Aldaberto Santos as trade chips. Like Shields, Choo would become a FA after 2013.

Opening Day Lineup:

1. Choo, LF 2. Walker, 2B 3. Cutch, CF 4. Jones, RF 5. Sanchez, 1B 6. Alvarez, 3B 7. McKenry, C 8. Barmes, SS 9. Burnett, P

Pitching Staff: <

p> 1. Burnett 2. Shields 3. Wandy 4. J-Mac 5. Karstens

Closer- Hanrahan SU- Grilli SU- Adams MR- Watson MR- Hughes LR- Resop LR- Dice K


Molina, C Tabata, Of Harrison, UTIL Mercer, SS

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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