with all the call ups and all the buzz, a quick look at next year.

I am excited for this year and lets hope the buccos can crack their way into the playoffs. Since I am not a player and I can actually look ahead for next year, I figure Id do so and see what everyone's thoughts are on who stays, who goes and what we need to add.

I think Snider has the job in RF. I think McCutchen has the job in CF. Then you have Marte, Presley and Tabata. Do we start one of them in left? Do we use them as trade bait? Do we go after another bat? Does Jones get some starts in the OF?

Which will lead me into 1B. Jones has had a great season. I think our front office is still very high on Sanchez and his ability to turn into a monster 1B. Do we go to a platoon and give Jones some starts in the OF? Is it Jones job and Sanchez has to earn playing time?

2B. Holt is creating a lot of buzz and deservedly so. He is an exciting guy who has a great approach and hits anywhere he goes. Do we get rid of Harrison and put Holt in that postion next year? Do we see what the trade value is for Walker and turn 2B over to Holt? Do we see what Holts trade value is?

SS. I do not think Holt is the answer here. He is not strong enough defensively to hold the position. I wish he was, but I just don't see it. Do we ride out Barmes and hope he has a better season next year? As unpopular as this is going to be, I do think Barmes still holds a decent value and good be in line for a pretty good year next year. He has shown some pretty good defense at times and seems to be getting a little bit of his bat back. I don't think he will ever hit like he did in Houston, but enough to not be the weak link in our lineup. Do we go out and try to get a guy like Andrus? I have real concerns about trading for players in a hitter friendly park. Their value is inflated and you end up giving up way too much. Not saying he wouldn't be an upgrade, just have to be real careful what you give up for him.

3B Looks as though we are going to ride the hot cold streaks of Pedro.

C. Barajas is going to be gone. I worry that they think Sanchez is still too far off, they didn't even call him up in Sept. Can McKenry be the guy? Do we look to free agency or a trade? Looks to be a strong free agent market for us.

SP AJ Burnett looks to be good for at least one more year.

James MacDonald can hopefully put together a full season next year

Wandy Rodriguez looks to be a solid number 3 for next year

Jeff Karstens( Im not sure what to do with him)

Correia looks to be gone

Jeff Locke could win a starting job

Just like with the catching position, their look to be many arms out their in free agency worth bringing in.


Can Grilli take over the closer role? I don't think we can let him walk, nor do I think he wants to go anywhere else. Wilson looks to be a solid bet in the pen. Karstens could take over the long reliever role if we bring in another starter. I think we have enough talent in the minors that we really wont have trouble flipping over our bullpen and still being pretty solid late in games.

It looks like a lot of questions, but I don't see this team changing too much next year. Another step forward from a couple of guys and this team quickly looks like a contender once again.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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