My Sickels Prospect List Rankings

John Sickels released the last of his team prospects lists tonight, the Reds. So, before he gives you his team prospect rankings, I will give you mine, based on a combination of Sickels lists and, basically, the Pirates Report Prospect values.

It was pretty simple how I came up with the rankings. I just gave each prospect for each team a number of points based on their grade and if they are a hitter or a pitcher. I did it this way because of how the values are different for hitters and pitchers even in the same range in the value report. The points are simply based on the rounded dollar values of each prospect. Based on the number of prospects for each grade, I felt like they slotted in fairly well with the overall ranking range. For example, there were 9 "A" prospects this year, so you can say that an "A" prospect in the top 1-10 in a prospect ranking. There were 17 "A-" prospects, so those fell in line with prospects #11-25, etc. The grades and their corresponding rankings as well as their point values are as follows:

A: 1-10, Hitters (42), Pitchers (26)

A-: 11-25, Hitters (33), Pitchers (18)

B+: 26-75, Hitters (14), Pitchers (11)

B: 76-150, Hitters (8), Pitchers (6)

B-: 151-300, Hitters (5), Pitchers (4)

C+: 301-600, Hitters (3), Pitchers (2)

C: 601-1200, Hitters and Pitchers (1)

Now obviously this is far from perfect, especially once the grades get down past where PP ended their values. But I figured the remaining grades would have values similar to the point values I gave them based on the descending value in general and how hitters and pitchers compared in the actual values. So here are the rankings the were spat out of my magic machine (Google Docs):

  1. Rangers - 195
  2. Cardinals - 190
  3. Mariners - 180
  4. Rays - 175
  5. Cubs - 168
  6. Astros - 168
  7. Mets - 168
  8. Red Sox - 165
  9. Marlins - 163
  10. Pirates - 159
  11. Twins - 159
  12. Padres - 141
  13. Diamondbacks - 132
  14. Reds - 131
  15. Indians - 123
  16. Rockies - 121
  17. Yankees - 119
  18. Orioles - 114
  19. Royals - 111
  20. Giants - 108
  21. Phillies - 105
  22. Brewers - 105
  23. Athletics - 105
  24. Dodgers - 104
  25. Braves - 102
  26. Nationals - 102
  27. Blue Jays - 95
  28. Tigers - 88
  29. White Sox - 78
  30. Angels - 77

Make of it what you will. It's probably no more or less accurate than anything else anyone has come up with based on his lists. I'll be curious to see how this ranking compares with Sickels' official one, considering he puts a lot more into his considerations. And since, you know, he made all the grades in the first place. If I explained something poorly or if anything wasn't clear, or if anyone just has any questions, ask away.

Um, also I forgot I was going to wait until he finalized everything, but I forgot about that until now, so I'm just going to post this anyway because it's done, and I can make an addendum or something later. I guess.

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