Hey Neal, call these remaining free agents maybe

Hey everybody, your least favorite amateur blogger here back in action. So it's January 21, and that means that absolutely nothing exciting is going on in baseball, unless you get excited about voting for the cover of MLB the Show. I found myself wondering who was still out there unsigned for the Pirates to maybe get for a discount (i.e. their actual market value since we apparently still have to overpay). When I'm looking for a January or February free agent, I am looking for two things, can this guy help us or can we maybe flip this guy for someone who can help us at the deadline.

So without further ado, here is 2013:

Leo Nunez - Oh wait I mean Juan Oviedo. Everyone remember's reading about this guy who we lost in the rule 5 draft many moons ago. Anyways, he was the closer for Miami for 2 years and could bolster our middle relief. The guy didnt pitch last year so maybe could be had for a minor league deal and a spring training invite. That being said I just mostly thought it'd be funny to talk about Leo I mean Juan.

Jon Rauch - Big guy who throws hard on a downward plane. Rauch has been a consistently good middle to late inning reliever who could come in and help. Not sure what he's looking for cash wise, but this guy would help solidify our pen.

Brian Fuentes - Lefty reliever who just stunk up the joint last year for St. Louis and Oakland. Worth taking a flier on as a LOOGY on a minor league invite. Other than last year, this 34 year old has had a fine career.

Freddy Sanchez - It's the 8th inning of a game in late July in Cincinatti. There are two outs and the Pirates are down 1 with runners on first and second. Aroldis Chapman has just been summoned from the Pen and Clint already used both Jose Tabata and Gabby Sanchez. The only person left on the bench is Chase D'arnaud/Jordy Mercer. Unless you sign Freddy to be a right handed bat off the bench. I know the former batting champ isn't in the best shape probably after back surgery, but it would be a feel good story and if healthy he'd be a solid bat off the bench a la lloyd McClendon or Dave Clark.

Joe Saunders - Saunders is a solid back of the roatation starter who pitched well for Baltimore down the stretch. He'd be a great addition if he could be had for 4-6 mill for 2 years.

Francisco Rodriguez - Worth a flier on as he can be our setup man or closer. I love Grilli, but I don't think it's a guarantee he can pitch in the 9th inning. Bring in K-rod on a one year deal and if he pitches well then we don't need to waste a prospect bringing in a late inning reliever, or if the team struggles we can trade him to a contender. If I'm K-rod, I'll sign with a club that gives me a chance to compete for the closers job in spring training for a little bit less.

Ryan Theriot - This guy can play second, third and short. If it comes down to Harrison or Theriot I'd probably go with Harrison, but I think Theriot could be of use for challenging our bench bats. Definitely not worth more than a minor league contract and a spring training invite, which is probably not enough to get him on our squad.

Kelly Shoppach - Hey remember that time we almost got Cliff Lee for Jason Bay? This guy would've been in that trade too. He hasn't really hit all that well the last 3 years, and we have 2 major league catchers. That being said they may not stay healthy all year and our boy Tony Sanchez may not develop. Perhaps we can get this guy to AAA as an insurance policy.

Matt Capps - A name familiar to all. If healthy, he could be a solid middle reliever for the squad this year. Perhaps a minor league contract and a spring training invite

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