Some Less-Talked About Potential Targets 2.0

While my first one dealt with the gaping hole that is 1B, I also wanted to address possible fits elsewhere on the diamond:

Erisbel Arruebarruena, SS

Hailing from Cuba, the 23 year old short stop has gotten a ton of praise for his defensive prowess. Scouts have said he has the chance to be a Gold Glover in the future. The question remains about his bat, which is viewed as Iglesias-esque. If this is true, it still would be worthwhile for the Pirates to sign him to replace Barmes spot as he offers potentially a better glove and obviously more potential for offense down the road. Something like 6 years, 14 million?

Joel Hanrahan, RHP

I don't think I've got to educate you on The Hammer. After trading him to Boston, he took over as closer shortly before going down with a torn flexor tendon muscle in his right arm to end his season. Assuming he's healthy and still hitting the upper 90's, I don't see the harm in adding him on a 1 year deal around 3-5 mill with a team option.

Chris Capuano, LHP

He has long been on the Pirates radar, and I think this could be the year he signs with us. The 35 year old would fit in a Karstens-type role. That is, in case Wandy isn't ready Capuano could fill in for him, then shift back to the bullpen if/when he is back. 2 years 6-7 million should nab him?

Felipe Paulino/Johan Santana, RHP/LHP

I put them both together because they're pretty similar profiles. Both didn't pitch an inning in 2013. Both showed promise in 2012, however, and I feel like the front office is looking at guys like these to fill if A.J does not return. Paulino is only 30 and possesses a hard fastball, or at least did, and solid breaking pitches. If he is fully healthy, a 2 year deal at 10 mill or under is an absolute bargain. Santana is much older, 35, but has a much better track record. Assuming Santana still has that wipeout slider, he could be a great add at 1 year 6-7 million. These two actually remind me of Morton and Liriano, respectively.

Jeff Baker, 1B/OF/3B

He had an OPS over 1.000 against lefties last year in about 200 plate appearances. His ability to play the outfield as well as third base against lefties gives us plenty of flexibility to play with on the bench. Little signings like this can make a huge difference over the course of a season. 2 years, 3.5 million.

Starlin Castro, SS

OK, bear with me here. Yes, it is far-fetched, but it would make sense. The Cubs top prospect also happens to play short stop, Javier Baez. They have another short stop prospect in Arismendy Alcantara who is regarded as a top 75 prospect. He's also coming off a season in which he -.6 WAR. He's also owed 48 million over the next 6 years, including a 16 million dollar option for 2020(1 mill buyout). So why in the hell would the pirates want him? Well, as mentioned he is under control for awhile and is still only 23. Another reason is he had an OPS of at least .750 the previous 3 years before this. And unless he is experiencing a Jose Tabata-esque detoriation of speed, we can also assume his 9 for 15 mark is an outlier. With that being said, what would we have to offer them?

Cubs get:

Tyler Glasnow

Josh Bell

Kyle McPhearson

Mel Rojas JR

Zack Von Rosenberg

Clay Holmes or Willy Garcia

Pirates Get:

Starlin Castro

Cubs get a very good young prospect in Glasnow, as well as another top 125 prospect in Josh Bell. McFEARson provides them with an option to fill in as a potential 3-5, ZVR and Rojas JR are lottery tickets that haven't worked out in Pittsburgh but have tons of talent, and Holmes or Garcia is another nice topping to the deal as both could eventually be impact players down the road. This barely puts a dent in the Bucs farm, and as for the Cubs they add multiple young impact pieces to help them rebuild.


Suggestions on Players I haven't covered?

We lose two very good

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