Trade or Free Agent

Obviously first base is a need for the Pirates. I have a few thoughts on potential targets whether it be a trade or a free agent. There are two big name options that come to mind, which really hasn't really been discussed. First, acquisition through the free agency. Kendrys Morales is a name the Pirates should really be considering. Granted if we were to sign Morales, we would lose our first pick from the QO, however our farm system has grown very prominent in recent years. We would lose a late first round pick for a player who can be our primary first baseman and an impact bat in the four hole. Morales appeared in 156 games last year, so one can assume his health is improving and he has a growing probability of staying on the diamond. Morales posted both adequate strike out numbers at 114 and a pretty good OBP .336, while belting 23 homers and driving in 80 runs on a porous Seattle offense. Morales can mash against both RHP and LHP. Morales' defense in a small sample size at first base on playing in 31 games only committed 1 error while posting a .997 Fld%. Being only 30 years old Morales should be looking at a fairly substantial contract. I would personally love to sign Morales for a 3 year 36 mil, with a player option for a fourth year. This move secures our problem at first base for the next few years as well as gives the Pirates more power and more protection to Cutch.

Next is a little more far-fetched. Chase Headley. More than likely Headley is going to be walking out of San Diego at the end of the season. Coming off an injury plagued 2013 season, San Diego doesn't really have much leverage when attempting to move Headley. San Diego can still expect a good return for Headley, but no where near the return they would have received had they traded him last off season, when Headley came off a career year. Now one might say we already have a third baseman in Alvarez. If acquired, we move Headley to first base. Headley would be a more than adequate with his glove at first. There are a few big questions concerning Chase Headley. Can he stay healthy? What will it cost in prospects to get him? Will we be able to retain Headley after this season? To answer these questions, we just have to hope that he can stay healthy. As I mentioned, I don't feel that it would cost too much to acquire him in a trade. Hansen, Herredia, and Barnes could be a good starting point. Pending Headley's performance this season will be the obvious integral factor of his next contract. Right now, Chase Headley is not worth a 100 million contract that I would assume he would ask. Dating back to 2009, with the exception of 2012 (especially the second half of the season), Chase Headley is over all an average player. Granted, he does have enormous potential and leaving Petco Park, should definitely enhance his numbers. Chase Headley is a long shot, but I feel this is the time the Pirates need to make a big splash, even if it does mortgage a little bit of the future.

2009 25 SDP NL 156 612 543 62 142 31 2 12 64 10 2 62 133 .262 .342 .392 .734 102 213 19 5 0 2 3 *75/D3
2010 26 SDP NL 161 674 610 77 161 29 3 11 58 17 5 56 139 .264 .327 .375 .702 97 229 11 3 1 4 3 *5
2011 27 SDP NL 113 439 381 43 110 28 1 4 44 13 2 52 92 .289 .374 .399 .773 120 152 6 2 1 3 8 5
2012 28 SDP NL 161 699 604 95 173 31 2 31 115 17 6 86 157 .286 .376 .498 .875 145 301 7 4 0 5 2 *5/3 MVP-5,GG,SS
2013 29 SDP NL 141 600 520 59 130 35 2 13 50 8 4 67 142 .250 .347 .400 .747 116 208 9 11 0 2 7 *5

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