My 2013 MLB Mock Draft 2.0

The 2013 MLB Draft is less than two weeks away and I felt I would update my draft predictions from three weeks ago. Since May 1, a lot has changed in the draft with several players projected to drop and others seen as fast risers. While this is all guess work on my part, I have seen a few of these players live at baseball showcases or in games. From a Pirates perspective, it seems that we are poised to acquire some very good talent with our picks at #9 and #14. Please enjoy and let the discussion begin!

First Round

1. Houston Astros - RHP Jonathan Gray (University of Oklahoma)

Houston went with the strategy of highest upside player last year as they began a massive rebuild. This season, I see the Astros not taking a huge risk and going after the best pitcher available to them. There system is slowly gaining ground and becoming one of the top farms in the league. They are, however, in need of more pitching as the pitchers in their system are, for the most part, very raw. Gray has mostly dominated the competition this season. His plus fastball and plus slider, mixed with an above average changeup, has created a 3-pitch mix that has been lethal to hitters this year. The only knock has been some lapses in command.

Season Stats: 8-2, 1.69 ERA, 2.86 FIP, 101 IP, 0.188 OPPBA, 0.277 BABIP, 1.78 BB/9, and 10.25 K/9.

2. Chicago Cubs - RHP Mark Appel (Stanford University)

GM Theo Epstein has all but stated that the Cubs are in desperate need for a high-end arm in their farm system and that they will take the best pitcher available at No. 2. With the best two arms being the top 2 players in the draft, it is all but set that the Cubs will select Stanford ace Mark Appel with the 2nd overall pick. Appel has, perhaps, the best arsenal in college baseball, a five pitch repertoire that he mixes extremely well. His mid-90's fastball is complimented by a high 80's 2-seamer, a nasty slider, a hard cutter, and passable changeup.

Season Stats: 9-4, 2.20 ERA, 2.97 FIP, 98.3 IP, 0.208 OPPBA, 0.304 BABIP, 1.00 WHIP, 1.92 BB/P, 11.07 K/9.

3. Colorado Rockies - 3B Kris Bryant (University of San Diego)

The Rockies would be best suited to go after a pitcher in the 1st round but with the two best arms off the board and other potential picks like Manaea and Stewart seeming like a bit of a reach, the Rockies will go with drafting the best position player available. Colorado has not drafted an impact talent since taking SS Troy Tulowitzki in 2005. Kris Bryant hits for a ton of power and a higher average than what you wouldn't necessarily expect out of a power hitter. Defensively, Bryant plays a passable 3B but, in all likelihood, will be moved to 1B or a corner OF spot in the near future.

Season Stats: 0.338/.496/.876, 30 HR, 61 RBI, 57 BB, 37 K.

4. Minnesota Twins - RHP Kohl Stewart (St. Pius X, Houston, TX)

The Twins are in the same boat as the Rockies as I feel pitching would best suite them with the high pick. Stewart is arguably the best pitcher out of high school this season. He has a strong commitment to Texas A&M for football although he is considered to be a much better baseball player than football. Stewart throws in the mid-90's and possesses a slider that has plus written all over it as well as a developing changeup. Stewart will take every penny to sign away from Texas A&M.

Season Stats: 5-1, 0.18 ERA, 40 IP, 59 K, 16 BB, 13 H, 153 BF.

5. Cleveland Indians - RHP Braden Shipley (University of Nevada)

The Indians traded away their top two pitching prospects in 2011 and have done little to replace their potential. Shipley seems like a slight reach at 5 but with the Indians in win-now mode, I can see the Indians going after the Nevada right hander. Shipley has a low 90's fastball that he locates well, a hard curveball, and arguably the best changeup in college baseball. He should move fast through the Indians system and may be able to debut by September if he signs quickly. If RHP Trevor Bauer is able to figure things out, he and Shipley could make a solid 1-2 punch down the road. Season Stats: 7-3, 2.81 ERA, 3.55 FIP, 99.3 IP, .217 OPPBA, .284 BABIP, 1.10 WHIP, 2.90 BB/9, 8.52 K/9.

6. Miami Marlins - OF Clint Frazier (Loganville HS, Loganville, GA)

There has been some discussion of Frazier's signability but, if drafted in the Top 10, I am sure he won't turn down $3,516,500 (the slot value for the 6th pick). Frazier is a potential five tool talent with an explosive bat, cannon arm, and high baseball IQ. Watching him at the East Coast Pro Showcase, Frazier was clocked at 98 MPH from the OF and has above average accuracy. It seems unlikely with a bat like his that he will stick in CF with a move to RF seeming more reasonable.

Season Stats: 0.485/ .561/ 1.134, 17 HR, 45 RBI, 47 H, 97 AB, 17 BB, 8 K.

7. Boston Red Sox - 3B Colin Moran (University of North Carolina)

Boston is a strong organization all around with excellent coaching and a good development team in the minors. Since 2005, Red Sox 1st round selections have been less than stunning as they have failed to produce a high WAR player. There is a lot of potential in the system with Blake Swihart, Jackie Bradley, and Xander Boegarts and a pitcher may make for sense but I can see the Red Sox going for the purest hitter out of college. Moran is a passable defender but may require a move to corner OF or 2B. At the plate, Moran has incredible plate discipline and hits for above average power. I know a lot of people want him to drop to the Pirates but Boston is too smart of an organization to pass on him.

Season Stats: 0.376/.504/.624, 13 HR, 83 RBI, 52 BB, 18 K.

8. Kansas City Royals - LHP Sean Manaea (Indiana State University)

The Royals have a solid core of hitters at the ML-level but traded away much of their future by acquiring Jim Shields and Wade Davis this offseason. A hitter would also make sense with their first pick but it seems more likely the Royals attempt to replace the loss of their top two pitching prospects. Manaea has been, perhaps, the unluckiest player in the country this season. He went 15 days in between starts due to inclement weather washing out games, he has had small injuries that have kept him out of starts, and some poor defense by the Sycamores. Manaea is a high risk/high reward kind of guy who, if he develops and harnesses his command, could become a front-end starter with swing and miss stuff. If not, he could become a bullpen arm that was taken 8th overall.

Season Stats: 5-4, 1.47 ERA, 2.99 FIP, 73.3 IP, 0.190 OPPBA, 0.284 BABIP, 1.04 WHIP, 3.31 BB/9, 11.41 K/9.

9. Pittsburgh Pirates - OF Austin Meadows (Grayson HS, Grayson, GA)

I originally had Prep LHP Trey Ball here but I changed my mind. The Pirates has consistently gone with best player available, regardless of signability or organizational need. Don't expect the Pirates to change their strategy. Some had Meadows pegged first overall before the season beganMeadows hasn't hit for a ton of power this season but has played tremendous defense and continues to hit for high average and good plate discipline. Meadows will take some time in the minors but is a mature kid with a refined approach at the plate and the tools to stick in CF.

Season Stats: 0.535/.633/.930, 4 HR, 28 RBI, 38 H, 71 AB, 19 BB, 10 K.

10. Toronto Blue Jays - C Jon Denney (Yukon HS, Yukon, OK)

Toronto took a chance by trading away much of its farm system to acquire major leaguers R.A. Dickey, Jose Reyes, and Mark Buerhle in the hopes of competing in the near future. The plan has been a failure thus far and the Blue Jays system is in need of some new life. After trading away prized catching prospect Travis D'Arnaud, the Blue Jays will snag a catcher with the potential to be even better. Jon Denney is easily the best catching prospect in the draft this season. He plays tremendous defense with a very strong and accurate arm and good blocking skills. At the plate, Denney hits for power and is projected to continue adding power as he matures. He has a good eye and is willing to hit the ball to all fields.

Season Stats: 0.459/.600/.991, 6 HR, 46 RBI, 51 H, 111 AB, 39 BB, 27 K.

11. New York Mets - LHP Trey Ball (New Castle HS, New Castle, IN)

The Mets have a very top heavy farm system without a lot of depth. While I could see them favoring a bat for the 3rd year in a row, I think it would be wiser for them to go after a pitcher with a lot of upside. Trey Ball could be one of the biggest steals of the draft. Ball is a lanky 6'6 lefty from Indiana who possesses strong command of a low 90's fastball, low 80's change, and mid 80's slider. Ball's body has not even begun to fill out yet and it is believed by many he will add a lot onto his fastball as he matures. Another great part of Ball is his ability to hold his velocity throughout the course of games. If he fails on the mound, Ball is also a very good hitter who could be converted to a corner OF position.

Season Stats: N/A

12. Seattle Mariners - SS J.P. Crawford (Lakeview HS, Lakeview, CA)

Seattle has gone with the best player available in every recent draft. This strategy will continue as they take Prep SS J.P. Crawford with the 12th overall pick. Crawford's hype is based more around projection then present-performance. He is a tall, lanky kid who plays exceptional defense at SS. His bat has a lot of projection to it with it being a level-line drive swing with above average speed. Crawford has the tools necessary to stick at SS and could turn into a 5 tool player if all goes right.

Season Stats: 0.452/.540/.688, 2 HR, 14 RBI, 17 BB, 5 SO.

13. San Diego Padres - 1B Dominic Smith (Serra HS, San Diego, CA)

San Diego has some decent, if unspectacular pitching in their minors but need to upgrade the farm offensively. While there are always arguments about drafting 1B in the first round, it's hard to make an argument against the Padres selecting prep 1B Dominic Smith with the 13th overall selection. Smith is arguably the best pure hitter in the draft (yes, even better than Bryant, Moran, Frazier, and Meadows). Smith's swing is effortless and the ball explodes off his bat. I saw him play in a summer game last year in Texas and was blown away by home hard the kid hits the ball. Even with all of Smith's power, the kid has a nice line drive swing and doesn't swing for the fences. Defensively, Smith is sound at 1B with soft hands, excellent footwork, and a strong arm.

Season Stats: .482/.625/1.000, 6 HR, 30 RBI, 27 H, 56 PA, 19 BB, 7 K.

14. Pittsburgh Pirates - RHP Ryne Stanek (University of Arkansas)

Pittsburgh went the prep route with the 1st pick but I see them balancing out the first round by selecting a college arm to add depth to an already very deep farm system. Prior to the start of the college season, Stanek was my favorite to go 1st overall. I have seen him pitch on three occasions as well as numerous times on TV. Stanek has, perhaps, the liveliest arms in the class with a solid mix of pitches but lacks command at times. Stanek has a mid-90's fastball that has some sinking action to it, a plus slider, a curve that is mostly a show-me pitch, and an above average changeup. Stanek's problem has never been stuff, it has been consistently locating the pitch. When he's on, he is unhittable, when he's off, the ball is up in the zone and he walks a decent amount of batters.

Season Stats: 8-2, 1.54 ERA, 3.98 FIP, 82 IP, 0.217 OPPBA, 0.274 BABIP, 1.17 WHIP, 3.51 BB/9, 7.90 K/9.

15. Arizona Diamondbacks - RHP Ryan Eades (Louisiana State University)

Arizona could go anywhere with this selection. I could see an arm being taken to replace the loss of Jarrod Parker and Trevor Bauer in the past year and a half. Ryan Eades would be a good selection for the Diamondbacks at 15. Eades throws a low-mid 90's fastball, a potentially plus curve, average slider and changeup. Eades becomes an even better pitcher and tempting choice due to his strong command, willingness to work inside, and ability to maintain velocity. It would be helpful is Eades could boost his strikeout numbers.

Season Stats: 8-1, 2.70 ERA, 3.89 FIP, 86.7 IP, 0.271 OPPBA, 0.337 BABIP, 1.34 WHIP, 2.7 BB/9, 7.37 K/9.

16. Philadelphia Phillies - OF Hunter Renfroe (Mississippi State University)

The Phillies could really use some impact talent to bolster a farm system high in toolsy players and pitchers but low in hitting. The situation becomes dire when one looks at the Phillies major league roster and realizes that Phillies are aging badly. Philadelphia could look for a safe pick that could help contribute sooner rather than later and also be a solid player for them down the road. Hunter Renfroe has gained a lot of ground this year, rising of draft boards with a solid spring. He has a strong build with above average bat speed and increasing power potential. He looks to be able to stick in a corner OF spot with a very strong arm and has surprisingly good range.

Season Stats: 0.362/.459/.691, 15 HR, 51 RBI, 33 BB, 34 SO.

17. Chicago White Sox - RHP Bobby Wahl (University of Mississippi)

Trying to figure out what the White Sox will do on draft day is relatively impossible. The South Side ball club has been known to go after high tools players which has resulted in a number of overdrafts. The Sox seem to have gotten it right with the selection of prep OF Courtney Hawkins in 2012. In 2013, I can see GM Rick Hahn returning to the college ranks and selecting a safer pick. Bobby Wahl was mentioned several times at the start of the season as a Top 10 selection. Wahl's season hasn't done much to diminish his stock, but others have passed him as he hasn't done anything to improve it. Wahl has a low 90's fastball that has some tail to it, a potential plus slider and a sinking changeup. Wahl lost his command at times this year and has seen a spike in walks, leading to his drop in rankings.

Season Stats: 9-0, 1.99 ERA, 3.77 FIP, 90.7 IP, 0.189 OPPBA, 0.238 BABIP, 1.14 WHIP, 4.17 BB/9, 7.54 K/9.

18. Los Angeles Dodgers - C Reese McGuire (Kentwood HS, Kent, WA)

The Dodgers have some question marks in their farm system but with a new focus on drafting and increased funding to the farm system, the Dodgers will be expected to make a solid selection at 18. Reese McGuire is the 2nd best catcher in the class and just about on par with Denney in several areas of the game. McGuire is a bit more raw at the plate but still hits for high average, profiles to add power, and plays exceptional defense with an accurate arm.

Season Stats: 0.436/.559/.883, 4 HR, 20 RBI, 22 BB, 2 K.

19. St. Louis Cardinals - OF Austin Wilson (Stanford University)

St. Louis consistently has the best farm system in baseball by drafting right and developing their prospects. Although St. Louis may look for a pitcher to replace the recently-promoted Shelby Miller, it seems more likely that the Cards jump on a mini-reclamation project who was projected as a Top 5 pick before injuries during the offseason. Wilson has plus bat speed, loads of power, average speed, a strong arm, and good range. A few red flags include issues with his swing, injury concerns and lack of walks. If anyone can figure out how to harness Austin Wilson, it will be the Cardinals and the payoff will be staggering.

Season Stats: 0.314/.417/.529, 5 HR, 24 RBI, 13 BB, 15 K.

20. Detroit Tigers - LHP Ian Clarkin (James Madison HS, San Diego, CA)

The Tigers have the worst farm system in baseball with minimal impact talent and almost zero pitching. If the Tigers want to be serious about competing year in and year out, they will need to improve their farm system. The Tigers can start that by selecting prep left hander Ian Clarkin, one of my favorite players in the draft. Clarkin has a four pitch mix and has consistent arm speed on each pitch. His 4-seamer sits 89-94 and locates it well. He also features a loopy curve, low 80's changeup, and developing slider. Clarkin works fast and has good mechanics.

Season Stats: 7-2, 1.07 ERA, 58.6 IP, 105 K, 20 BB, 33 H, 229 BF.

21. Tampa Bay Rays - OF Justin Williams (Terrebonne HS, Terrebonne, LA)

Tampa is known for its vast farm system and propensity to develop players. While this has dropped off slightly in the past year, the Rays will continue to follow their strategy of building through the draft. With a strong pitching core and some decent bats, the Rays will go best player available again, this time selecting Louisiana prep OF Justin Williams. Williams has tremendous bat speed and plus plus raw power. He is very projectable with an athletic build and lean frame. Williams, in all likelihood, will end up as a RF at the next level and he has a strong arm and good ranger to handle the position well.

Season Stats: N/A.

22. Baltimore Orioles - 1B D.J. Peterson (University of New Mexico)

Baltimore is an organization that will find itself out of place come draft day. For the past several years, the Orioles have been near the top of the first round and they have consistently nabbed high-end talent. It remains to be seen what they will do with the 22nd overall pick but I think they will maintain a strategy of best player available. Drafting Peterson would be a smart move by the Orioles. Peterson is one of the purest college bats this season and is just a tick below Moran. Peterson has a line drive swing with good power and willingness to hit to all fields. Defensively, Peterson has gotten time at both 3B and 1B this season. He may be best suited for 1B, where his bat will play.

Season Stats: 0.400/.514/.805, 16 HR, 67 RBI, 43 BB, 20 K.

23. Texas Rangers - OF Ryan Boldt (Red Wing HS, Red Wing, MN)

Texas likes to take some risks with draft picks, looking for players high with tools. Ryan Boldt may fit what Texas is looking for. Boldt is an exceptional defender and born leadoff hitter. Boldt has a level, line drive swing that generates adequate power. Boldt has plus speed and covers lots of ground in CF. He has an accurate arm and could turn into one of the top defensive outfielders in the game a few years down the road. He is one player I have listed as a diamond in the rough and could be a steal for the Rangers.

Season Stats: N/A.

24. Oakland Athletics - OF Phil Ervin (Samford University)

Recently, GM Billy Beane commented on how he has underestimated HS players in the draft and he made that point clear when he took prep SS Addison Russel in the 1st Round last season. That being said, I don't expect Beane to start grabbing high schoolers every draft. Instead, I expect Oakland to return to the college ranks, looking for someone who could move quickly through the system. Ervin projects to be that kind of player. Ervin is a patient hitter with excellent bat speed and surprising power. Defensively, Ervin covers lots of ground with above average speed, takes good routes to balls and has a strong arm.

Season Stats: 0.340/.464/.612, 11 HR, 39 RBI, 17 SB, 39 BB, 25 SO.

25. San Francisco Giants - SS Andy McGuire (James Madison HS, Vienna, VA)

San Francisco, for several years, has been an organization strong on pitching, weak on hitting. While a pitcher could be justified, I think the Giants will look to add a shortstop of the future for an organization lacking one. Although Joe Panik is in the system, some have their concerns about him. Virginia SS Andy McGuire could put away any concerns and possibly move Panik to 2B. McGuire doesn't have a ton of power but he has a high contact rate, line drive swing, and quick bat. He is very athletic and has good range mixed with quick reactions and reflexes. If he doesn't work at short, his defense at 3B is also top notch.

Season Stats: 0.439/.549/.596, 13 RBI, 25 H, 57 AB.

26. New York Yankees - LHP Robert Kaminsky (St. Joseph Regional HS, Englewood Cliffs, NJ)

The Yankees have said numerous times they are interested in building up their minor league system. With a lack of top arms in the farm system, the Yankees will definitely seek pitching in the 1st round. LHP Robert Kaminsky could be what the Yankees want: high upside and numbers to back it up. As a junior, Kaminsky threw 3 no-hitters. He has pinpoint control and throws three above-average offerings: a low-mid 90's fastball, a hammer curve with plus potential and solid changeup. The Yankees would be very happy to get someone who is practically in their backyard that has the upside of Kaminsky.

Season Stats: N/A.

27. Cincinnati Reds - 3B Eric Jagielo (University of Notre Dame)

The Reds are a team kind of stuck in limbo. They seem to have the ability to reach the playoffs but don't have enough to push them over the top and become a force to be reckoned with. Picking at 27, there is a small chance the Reds could get a big time game changer but they do have a chance to pick someone who could be a part of the future. 3B Eric Jagielo shot up draft boards by showing off strong bat speed and good power. He has a smooth swing loaded with plus power that hasn't been realized yet. He has a good eye and makes adjustments at the plate. He plays a variety of positions but may be best suited for a corner OF spot or 3B.

Season Stats: 0.390/.500/.643, 9 HR, 49 RBI, 31 BB, 30 K.

28. St. Louis Cardinals - RHP Connor Jones (Great Bridge HS, Chesapeake, VA)

With their second pick in the 1st Round, the Cardinals will look to acquire an arm from the high school ranks. Virginia prep right hander Connor Jones fits the mold of projectable pitchers with swing and miss stuff and high baseball IQ. Jones is advanced for his age, utilizing a three pitch mix and not using his plus fastball to just overpower hitters. His fastball sits in the mid-90's and has a lot of life to it, his curve has tight spin and is released from the 3/4 slot, and his change is very good for a high school pitcher. Jones likes to keep the ball down and looks to get ground balls.

Season Stats: N/A.

29. Tampa Bay Rays - RHP Chris Anderson (Jacksonville University)

It seems likely that Tampa, an organization built on pitching, will take at least one pitcher in the first round. Chris Anderson was a name being thrown around as a Top 10 pick earlier this year but has since fallen. Anderson has used his mid-90's fastball, tight curve and average changeup to dominate weaker competition but he still hasn't gotten the results you would expect. Anderson is built like a workhorse and if the Rays can figure out what exactly is wrong with his pitching, he could become a 2-3 start down the road.

Season Stats: 7-5, 2.49 ERA, 3.68 FIP, 104.6 IP, 0.231 OPPBA, 0.299 BABIP, 1.12 WHIP, 2.32 BB/9, 8.68 K/9.

30. Texas Rangers - RHP Hunter Harvey (Bandys HS, Catawba, South Carolina)

Texas will go the full high school route in the 1st round, after selecting Ryan Boldt with the 23rd pick, they will take the hard thrower Hunter Harvey from Bandys HS, North Carolina. Harvey has excellent command of his fastball and consistently throws on a downward plane. At the showcase I saw him he was sitting 88-92 with the pitch while mixing in a quality curve and mid 70's changeup. Harvey's father is former two-time all start Bryan Harvey and his brother pitched with Altoona in 2012.

Season Stats: 8-0, 0.38 ERA, 54.6 IP, 116 K, 17 BB, 23 H, 214 BF.

31. Atlanta Braves - 3B Ryan McMahon (Mater Dei HS, Santa Ana, CA)

The Braves are trying to rebuild a system while, at the same time, trying to compete for a title. With the small amount of hitting prospects in the system, it is very logical the Braves side step the pitchers and go for the highest ceiling bat remaining. McMahon is a top athlete who moves well at his position and flashes a very strong arm. It doesn't seem likely he'll win any Gold Gloves at 3B but he should be fine their defensively. At the plate, McMahon hits for average and power with a compact swing and above-average bat speed.

Season Stats: 0.405/.480/.726, 4 HR, 32 RBI,12 BB, 14 K.

32. New York Yankees - OF Aaron Judge (Fresno State University)

With their second selection in the first round, the Yankees will turn to the college ranks to grab someone slightly more signable. Aaron Judge is a big outfielder who has not shown the massive amounts of power many suggest he can hit for. That isn't to say Judge can't hit, it is just as a 6'7 corner OF, you can't be a contact hitter with small bursts of power. At the plate, Judge has a longish swing at times but has a patient approach but struggles determining pitches. Defensively, Judge has an accurate arm that will work well in RF and moves around quite well for his size.

Season Stats: 0.373/.461/.663, 11 HR, 35 RBI, 31 BB, 47 K.

33. New York Yankees - RHP Andrew Thurman (University of California-Irvine)

With their second pick in a row, the Yankees will go for another pitcher, this time one from the college ranks. Andrew Thurman doesn't pitch in the most prestigious conference but he has some great stuff. His fastball has sat in the mid-90's this season and compliments a hard curve and above average cutter. Thurman has shown solid control but the strikeout numbers will need to improve.

Season Stats: 5-4, 3.15 ERA, 3.21 FIP, 91.3 IP, 0.236 OPPBA, 0.308 BABIP, 1.06 WHIP, 1.87 BB/9, 7.88 K/9.

Competitive Balance Round A

34. Kansas City Royals - RHP Clinton Hollon (HS KY)

35. Miami Marlins - RHP Jonathan Crawford (Florida)

36. Arizona Diamondbacks - 3B Chad Pinder (Virginia Tech)

37. Baltimore Orioles - RHP Phil Bickford (HS CA)

38. Cincinnati Reds- LHP Matt Krook (HS CA)

39. Detroit Tigers - SS Tim Anderson (East Central Community)

Second Round

40. Houston Astros - LHP Marco Gonzales (Gonzaga)

41. Chicago Cubs - LHP Jonah Wesely (HS CA)

42. Colorado Rockies - RHP Andrew Mitchell (Texas Christian)

43. Minnesota Twins - RHP Austin Kubitza (Rice)

44. Miami Marlins - SS Oscar Mercado (HS FL)

45. Boston Red Sox - RHP Aaron Blair (Marshall)

46. Kansas City Royals - C Brian Navarreto (HS FL)

47. Toronto Blue Jays - OF Billy McKinney (HS TX)

48. New York Mets - LHP Jacob Brentz (HS MO)

49. Seattle Mariners - OF Mike Lorenzen (California State-Fullerton)

50. San Diego Padres - RHP Trey Masek (Texas Tech)

51. Pittsburgh Pirates - LHP Kevin Ziomek (Vanderbilt)

52. Arizona Diamondbacks - RHP Dustin Driver (HS WA)

53. Philadelphia Phillies - 3B Cavan Biggio (HS TX)

54. Milwaukee Brewers - RHP Brett Morales (HS FL)

55. Chicago White Sox - 1B Matt Oberste (Oklahoma)

56. Los Angeles Dodgers - RHP Alex Gonzalez (Oral Roberts)

57. St. Louis Cardinals - C Chris Okey (HS FL)

58. Detroit Tigers - RHP Trevor Williams (Arizona State)

59. Los Angeles Angels - LHP Dillon Overton (Oklahoma)

60. Tampa Bay Rays - SS Jan Hernandez (HS PR)

61. Baltimore Orioles - RHP Jason Hursh (Oklahoma State)

62. Texas Rangers - C Stuart Turner (Mississippi)

63. Oakland Athletics - RHP Karston Whitson (Florida)

64. San Francisco Giants - RHP Chris Oakley (HS NJ)

65. Atlanta Braves - 3B Travis Demeritte (HS GA)

66. New York Yankees - 2B JaCoby Jones (Louisiana State)

67. Cincinnati Reds - LHP Stephen Gonsalves (HS CA)

68. Washington Nationals - RHP Derik Beauprez (HS CO)

Competitive Balance Round B

69. San Diego Padres - RHP Carlos Salazar (HS CA)

70. Colorado Rockies - RHP Casey Shane (HS TX)

71. Oakland Athletics - C Nick Ciuffo (HS SC)

72. Milwaukee Brewers - RHP Scott Frazier (Pepperdine)

73. Miami Marlins - LHP A.J. Puk (HS IA)

Third Round

74. Houston Astros - 3B Drew Ward (HS OK)

75. Chicago Cubs - SS Riley Unroe (HS AZ)

76. New York Mets - OF Cord Sanderbeg (HS FL)

77. Colorado Rockies - LHP Garrett Williams (HS LA)

78. Minnesota Twins - C Andrew Knapp (California)

79. Cleveland Indians - LHP Tom Windle (Minnesota)

80. Miami Marlins - RHP Robert Tyler (HS GA)

81. Boston Red Sox (OF Matt McPhearson (HS MD)

82. Kansas City Royals - OF Michael O'Neill (Michigan)

83. Toronto Blue Jays - LHP Rob Zastryzny (Oregon)

84. New York Mets - RHP Jimmie Sherfy (Oregon)

85. Seattle Mariners - 1B Ryon Healy (Oregon)

86. San Diego Padres - LHP Blake Taylor (HS CA)

87. Pittsburgh Pirates - SS Hunter Dozier (Stephen A. Austin State)

88. Arizona Diamondbacks - OF Josh Hart (HS GA)

89. Philadelphia Phillies - RHP Teddy Stankiewicz (Seminole State)

90. Milwaukee Brewers - RHP A.J. Vanegas (Stanford)

91. Chicago White Sox - 3B Trey Michalczewski (HS OK)

92. Los Angeles Dodgers - SS Garrett Hampson (HS NV)

93. St. Louis Cardinals - 3B John Sternagell (HS FL)

94. Detroit Tigers - OF Terry McClure (HS GA)

95. Los Angeles Angels - RHP Keegan Thompson (HS AL)

96. Philadelphia Phillies - OF Jared King (Kansas State)

97. Tampa Bay Rays - 3B Dustin Peterson (HS AZ)

98. Baltimore Orioles - LHP Hunter Green (HS KY)

99. Texas Rangers - RHP Dace Kime (Louisville)

100. Oakland Athletics - 1B Dominic Ficociello (Arkansas)

101. San Francisco Giants - RHP Tyler Skulina (Kent State)

102. Atlanta Braves - RHP Cal Quantrill (HS ONT)

103. New York Yankees - RHP Kyle Serrano (HS TN)

104. Cincinnati Reds - C Dom Nunez (HS CA)

105. Washington Nationals - LHP Kent Emmanuel (North Carolina

Supplemental Round

106. Oakland Athletics - 1B Cody Bellinger (HS CA)

That's my take on the first three rounds. If you didn't notice, there are an absolute ton of high school arms projected for the first few rounds and aren't a ton of position players. I know a bunch of people are going to be upset with the Bucs nabbing another OF and RHP but they both have loads of upside. I know a bunch of people want Crawford or Moran but it is highly unlikely Moran drops past the Red Sox or Royals and trying to justify Crawford over Meadows seems a bit ridiculous to me. Just remember, this is just my guess work but I would be extremely happy if we were able to get Meadows, Stanek, Ziomek, and Dozier in the 1st 3 rounds. Cheers!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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We have our own Community Guidelines at Bucs Dugout. You should read them.




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