Ranking the GMs (Again)

Back in November I posted a ranking of GMs, certainly not as a definitive statement, but mostly to prompt conversation. It's been approximately six months so I thought I'd revisit the topic, considering your feedback as well my current perception of the men in question (as I was curious how it had changed).

A couple of things to point out. I used Baseball Reference's list of current GMs a guide, as it's difficult to judge exactly how power shakes out in some cases. I made one adjustment this go around adding to Theo Epstein to the Cubs line as I think it's fair to assume he's pretty involved in the sorts of decisions we associate with a GM.

As I mentioned before itt goes without saying that Brian Cashman is operating in a much different universe than say Andrew Friedman. So to some degree we're comparing apples and oranges. There are also a handful GMs who are new enough to the job that's difficult to get a handle on what exactly they'll bring to the table. There are also a number of GMs who operating edicts to tear down (Marlins) or spend big to win now (Tigers, Angels, etc) that I tried to factor in when appropriate.

I've separated the GMs into tiers this go around, in almost all cases I might move GM up or down in tier if I sat down to rethink things in a week. Having not thought extraordinarily deeply about this I'm sure still substantially under/overranking four or five guys at minimum in this iteration.

Lastly, this is an attempt to balance both recent work as well as a body of work.

I've included their previous ranking to the right in parentheses and if I significantly moved someone up or down I included a short blurb as to why that was.


1. Jon Daniels - Rangers (1)

2. Andrew Friedman - Rays (2)

3. Billy Beane - A's (3)

4. John Mozeliak - Cardinals (11)

Jeff Lunhow receives and deserves a ton of credit for scouting and player development during his Cardinals tenure. But it was probably unfair to not give Mozeliak a greater share of the credit. Ultimately he's the man in charge and there few teams--if any--who's present and future looks better.

5. Brian Sabean - Giants (8)

6. Alex Anthopoulos - Blue Jays (4)


7. Mike Rizzo - Nationals (5)

8. Walt Jocketty - Reds (12)

9. Dave Dombrowksi - Tigers (17)

I may now be overrating him. But I don't think I gave him sufficient credit for series of recent trades that have been an enormous success, acquiring: Austin Jackson, Max Sherzer, Doug Fister, and Anibal Sanchez. Mike Ilitch's resources have allowed him to hand out some huge contracts but none of them have of the incredibly ill-advised variety. He also deserves credit for his work with Expos.

10. Frank Wren - Braves (6)


11. Dan Duquette - Orioles (21)

Was sufficiently convinced that I was underrating him previously, not giving him appropriate credit for his work with Montreal and Boston. I don't have a clear read on his time with Baltimore but don't see any reason to give him demerits for that tenure.

12. Jed Hoyer/Theo Epstein - Cubs (9)

13. Terry Ryan - Twins (22)

Wasn't giving his previous success enough consideration and I generally like what he's done thus far since returning to the job.

14. Sandy Alderson - Mets (10)

15. Brian Cashman - Yankees (14)


16. Neil Huntington - Pirates (23)

Neil gets a bump. It's fair to say he looks better than he did six months ago in almost all respects.

17. Josh Byrne - Padres (7)

The previous ranking was based largely on the highly rated Padres farm system, which I'm less bullish on at present, and which I may have been giving him too much credit for in the first place. Some his trades while with AZ actually look pretty bad, at least in hindsight.

18. Jeff Luhnow - Astors (15)

19. Doug Melvin - Brewers (13)

20. Ben Cherington - Red Sox (19)

21. Kevin Towers - Dbacks (16)


22. Chris Antonetti - Indians (26)

23. Michael Hill - Marlins (27)

24. Dan O'Dowd - Rockies (28)

25. Rick Hahn - White Sox (25)


26. Dayton Moore - Royals (20)

It's fair to say I was convinced to bump Moore down based on conversation surrounding the previous post and he's down little since to give me second thoughts.

27. Jack Zduriencik - Mariners (24)

28. Jerry DiPoto - Angels (18)

Most of the notable moves have been win now trades and free agent signings that may have to some degree 'come from above.' But frankly I simply had a hard time coming up with a significant transaction I've liked during his first year and a half on the job. I'd be curious if I'm overlooking anything?

29. Ruben Amaro, Jr - Phills (29)

30. Ned Colletti - Dodgers (30)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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