Your 2013 Pittsburgh Pirates All-Stars






Yes I included the 2011 All-star picture in there just for the fun of Kevin Correia.


Ive been thinking about this recently and with a day off this could provide a good discussion. Also, this is first time in the "this one counts", that well this one counts for the Pirates, yes that felt as weird to type as it is to read. IMO the pirates have 6 legitimate people with all star claims and 2 more on the outskirts.

Lock(e)s Pun intended:

OF Andrew McCutchen -

Cutch. His numbers are where they should be for an all-star and his celebrity in and out of the game basically assures he will have spot on the roster in NYC this year. Who, if anyone, will be joining him?

RP- Grilli

Guy has been lights out, damn silly numbers and leads the NL in saves, 1 behind Jim Johnson of BAL for the majors lead. As we can see from the picture above they like to put closers in the game, and Grilli has been one of the best. Also, his numbers have been better than the hammer the last two season when he has gotten the nod.

SP- Jeff "Ice Truck Killer" Locke

**OT on Jeff Locke** In terms of the nickname, he looks just like a character on the show Dexter whose name is the Ice Truck Killer. Seriously, look at the similarities, Ice truck killer, Jeff. Also if you plan on watching the show Dexter, which you should it is phenomenal, do not click the link as it will show you who the main killer is in the first season. Not a terrible spoiler but i don't want people to bitch. How bad ass of a nickname would it be to be called the Ice Truck Killer?!***

Real All star talk starts here. As I first started to think about it I was like, "yeah sure, pton16, Jeff Lock should be in the All-star game." Then I rationalized it like this. 7-1, 3rd lowest ERA in the majors, and a 1.11 WHIP. If he doesn't make the all-star game with those numbers there is something wrong. He could easily be in the conversation to start: 1) if his name wasnt Jeff Locke,a big number 2) Matt Harvey is going to get it at Citi Field, and 3) his saber-metrics were better, do they even use these to determine allstars?

The Questionables

RP Mark Melancon-

Simple, given his numbers he should be in. The only reason I don't have him as a lock is I am unsure of the precedence to send a set up man to the All-Star game. Nor am I sure on the idea of sending 2 RP from the same team. I currently should be studying for the CPA exam so I will try and limit my procrastination to this article only.

OF Marte-

His numbers put him on the fringe. With some injuries to Braun and Harper, he may find his way in as a replacement, or maybe in the final vote thing. The emergence of Puig, who I feel should be in the game but is a different debate, may hurt Marte's chances based solely on OF spots available. He will be in multiple All-star games in the future so maybe a snub will get him fired up for the 2nd half. Also, Bouchy left off a well deserving Cutch in 2010 so he may do the same with Marte this year.

3B Vote for Pedro-

His numbers have been dissected more directions than the wonkavator travels, so I will not bore you with them. Put simply, he is first by a long shot in HR and RBI for NL 3B and surprisingly 6th out of NL qualifying 3B in avg. He'd make a great HR Derby participant, and he could make the team as the backup 3B, Sandoval has been injured, but there is Bochy again, and IMO he should be ahead of Zimmerman. This is assuming Wright gets the start in his hometown. If he doesnt make it straight up I expect the MLB to capitalize on his and the teams hot June and put him into the final vote.

Fringe Players-

C R Martin-

Numbers are solid, apparently can play all over the diamond, but the NL probably won't take 3 catchers and I see him behind Posey and Molina.

SP Burnett-

Burnett, had he not gotten injured would have made it. His numbers may still get him in with some injuries, but he may not even go with injuries of his own. I would enjoy seeing his antics at the game though as he is always entertaining with a camera around.

Ok i lied one more

SP Liriano-

His numbers are very nice. High SOs, K/9 and low ERA. Had he started the whole season he would be in the conversation. Had to give Franky a shout out though as he has been stellar.

All in all the Pirates could end up with 6 All- Stars when all is said and done as I don't see Martin or Burnett getting in. This is something wild considering we have had the sole pitty all-star invite many years during the streak, Meek, Williams, J WIlson(bad version) etc etc. This just goes to show you how well this team has done in the first half.

Feel free to critique my grammar and spelling, I will go back and fix any errors, I just wanted to start a conversation on who all you guys felt should/could/will be in the game.

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