Spikes v. Jammers

Currently, the Jamestown Jammers appear to have the most prospect-laden roster in the organization. The roster includes these position players:

Elvis Escobar

Harold Ramirez

Reese McGuire

Austin Meadows

Jin-De Jhang

Wyatt Mathisen

Edwin Espinal

This group is very young - young in chronological age. Everyone on the list was either an international free agent or a prep draft pick. Everyone is at least age appropriate for the NYPL. Some are younger than that. These are the Jammers best position players save for Adam Frazier, a 21 year old shortstop drafted out of Mississippi State. Frazier is also age-appropriate, but he is a bit too old to be considered a prospect equivalent in value to players like Escobar and Ramirez, both of whom are 18 years old. Frazier, however, bats lefthanded and has been among the NYPL BA league leaders throughout the season. This is also his first year in professional baseball.

The Jammers' pitching staff is not as prospect-rich as the team's position player roster. At this time, the Jammers' two best pitchers are

Buddy Borden

Cody Dickson

Both were drafted out of college and both are age-appropriate for the NYPL. And both have excelled. The staff mostly includes pitchers who are 20-22 years old. They are age-appropriate in the same sense that Adam Frazier is age-appropriate.

Why is the ages of these players important? Their significance originates in the fact that the Jammers currently have the second best record in the league, while the State College Spikes have the league's best record. The Jammers ought to make the NYPL playoffs as a Wildcard team. They need to win one of their last three games. The Jammers play the Spikes over the remainder of their schedule, however, and the Spikes have beat the Jammers like a rented mule. If the Jammers make the playoffs, they will then play the Spikes in the first round.

This scenario is annoying, It's not just that the Jammers must best the Cardinal's NYPL team but that the Cardinals are located in State College. Some of us recall the whining coming from the State College press corps, complaints which compared the Cards State College teams to the Pirates' teams. The Cards won when they were located in State College. The Pirates sucked - just like the Major League team sucked.

But there is bitter irony in this situation for Spike's fans and the sports writers who feed pap to them. The irony: The Spikes' rosters looks to be composed of non-prospects; the Jammers' roster looks to be composed of prospects, some of whom can be expected to make it to the Majors.

Sensible Pirates fans thus have gotten what they wanted: A lot of interesting prospects. Some Spikes fans and the writers who cover the team have gotten what they wanted: A winning team.

I'd say the Pirates and their fans have the best of this one.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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