...and the Pirates somehow find a way to disappoint me

I didn't think it was possible after how amazing last night felt, but they did it. First some back story:

I've been a 20 game season ticket holder for 3 years. I guess I was lucky enough that I signed up right at the exact time someone had given up two seats in the outfield reserved section. I got those two seats and have had them ever since. The two seats to my left and the 4 to my right are all occupied by season ticket holders with 20 game plans who have been there since the day the stadium opened.

Today, immediately after the Pirates lock up a playoff spot, I get a call from my season ticket representative (who I have literally NEVER spoken to before). She informed me that postseason tickets would be arriving in the next few days. Great news...

Then she asks if I had plans for next year regarding where I'd like to sit. I thought it was a bit strange and went with something like "uh....the same place as usual." That's when it came:

"Oh you know, we'd gladly let you keep those seats if you bought a full season. We can't let you sit there with a 20 game plan because we're reserving seats in the front row for our full season ticket holders. As you know 20 game plan locations have always been subject to change."

It may be in some fine print somewhere, but this has never been the case before. As I mentioned I was able to keep the same seats for 3 years, and all of the seats around me have been held by the same twenty game plans since the day the stadium opened.

Of course I'm disappointed that I'll be losing my seats, but I may actually be more upset about what they're doing to their most loyal fans. Both groups around me had been season ticket holders going back into the 90s, and one of them actually goes way back to 1986. Not only will they be losing the seats that they were able to land through having seating choice priority when the stadium opened based on their longevity as season ticket holders, they will likely end up with a significant downgrade due to all of the new season ticket holders they have just picked up. And the team didn't even have the courtesy to wait until say...2 days after they clinched a post season spot. They had to do it immediately.

I know things are going well now and it's a good opportunity to pull in some more revenue, but it seems like upsetting your most loyal supporters the second you have a bit of success might not be the best move.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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