Cutch, Clint Collect Hardware at Hilton

Greetings, Pirates fans. I come in peace. Even though I live in Yankeeland and my virtual home is Red Reporter. (Just don't mention the one-game play-in. Too soon.) The Pirates have always had a special place in my heart, for reasons I won't bore you with now, so I decided to post this here, instead of, say, Pinstripe Alley or Bless You Boys.

Saturday night, I attended the BBWAA dinner at the New York Hilton in Manhattan, where various baseball awards were presented, including the MVP, Cy Young, Rookie of the Year, and Manager of the Year. Andrew McCutchen and Clint Hurdle were among the honorees. Thought you might like to see some photos. (Click for larger versions.)

The dais where the guests of honor sat.


I think that's Craig Breslow to the left of McCutchen, and Tony Clark and Miguel Cabrera to the right.

McCutchen's mother started the evening off singing the national anthem. She blew us all away with her performance. Holy cow, she's got some pipes. (Though that's probably not a surprise to youse guys. I'm guessing she must sing the national anthem before games sometimes.)


Clint Hurdle, in his Pittsburgh gold vest and bowtie, signed autographs for the fans during dinner. He stayed and signed as long as there was anyone who wanted an autograph, which made people very happy.


Hurdle presented the NL MVP Award to his star player.


McCutchen checks out his new hardware.


Kids these days. Can't stop texting, even when accepting NL MVP awards.


(Just kidding. McCutchen had some notes for his speech on his cell phone.)


The AL MVP, Miguel Cabrera.



Sandy Koufax presented Clayton Kershaw with his Cy Young.



Jose Fernandez, the NL Rookie of the Year.


Wil Myers, the AL Rookie of the Year.



Clint Hurdle accepting the NL Manager of the Year award.


Max Scherzer, the AL Cy Young winner.


Tony La Russa, Bobby Cox, and Joe Torre were honored for making it into the Hall of Fame.


Hank Aaron and Al Downing, the pitcher who gave up the record-breaking home run to Aaron. They received the "Willie, Mickey and the Duke Award" – given to baseball personalities "forever linked in history."


Andy Pettitte was there to receive the Joe DiMaggio Toast of the Town award.


He shared it with Mariano Rivera.


Someone in the crowd yelled, "One more year!"

Rivera pointed to David Robertson, there to receive the Good Guy award, and said he was the closer now.

Mo said he gave it everything he had, and he had to retire because there's nothing left.

Clayton Kershaw signing autographs at the end of the evening.


Andrew McCutchen gestures to someone sitting at the Pirates table. His fiancee, maybe?


There are some professionally taken photos here and video here.

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