My Personal Starting Pitching Depth Chart

A baseball season is 162 games, plus postseason ball, if your team makes it. A typical starting rotation will have a few changes throughout a season, whether it's by free agency or trade, or the most common one, injury. But, some teams are fortunate enough to have an injury free rotation, or your rotation can have to go through complete turmoil, perhaps 4 or 5 of your starters might have to be replaced.

So in any event of these things happening, I wanted to take this time to discuss what, in my opinion, should be the starting pitching depth chart for the Pittsburgh Pirates for the 2014 season. I will go into a little discussion with each, but I will try to make it brief for your reading convenience.

Starting Pitching Depth Chart (assuming everyone is healthy)

1. Francisco Liriano

This one truly should be a no brainer. Liriano has truly earned this role.

2. Gerrit Cole

This was a semi toss up. It was either him or Charlie Morton, but at the end, Morton has proven himself as more of a #3 starter then a #2 starter.

3. Charlie Morton

As I said earlier, him and Gerrit Cole could easily flip-flop, but for now, Cole has more ace-potential, and Morton would be shaky for a #2, but solid for a #3.

4. Wandy Rodriguez

Wandy has had injury problems in this past year, but if he stays healthy, and is about 3/4 of what he was, he would be a solid #4. But if the Pirates had more MLB depth at the starting position, he would be a #5, but they don't, soooo......

5. Brandon Cumpton

This was an extremely interesting decision, due to the fact that he isn't even in MLB camp now, but overall I think he is better than Edison Volquez and Jeff Locke. But those things can change in the course of a season.

6. Kyle McPherson

As I said at the top, this was with everyone healthy. This could be slightly biased due to him being my favorite pitcher, but it was between him and Jeff Locke for this spot, and in my opinion MCFEAR has a higher ceiling and floor, even with the Pirates

7. Jeff Locke

Well since MCFEAR is 6, and I think Locke is better then Volquez, here he is

8. Edinson Volquez

He is really really low for a one year 5 million dollar contract, but honestly this is where I would put him. He was practically the worst pitcher in the MLB last year, and unless Searage does it again, I think he will gradually fall on this list.

9. Jameson Taillon

I think he will rise on this list a little, but I think his elbow pain will ultimately make the FO play him cautiously. Even when healthy, maybe he could be #7, but to start the year, even healthy, this is where I have him.

10. Phil Irwin

The last of the top 10 that I will do, I believe that Philthy Phil will earn his way back to prospect status, and get himself up to the 7-8 range, with the strong season.

I might do another one in a month or so, but it depends on how you like this one. Put your opinion in the comments section. I tried to keep stats out of this to simplify it for people who don't know to much statistically.

Please leave your opinion, and as always, Let's Go Bucs!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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