Heroes And Zeroes XI: Brewers 3, Pirates 2

Heroes and Zeroes is a series where I use to rank each player's gameday. It is not meant to say one player is better than any other player. WPA is a context dependent measurement in which each play is judged on it's probable impact on the outcome of the game. It is a statistic that is meant to divide credit amongst the winning team and blame across the losing team. If you were to follow the link at the end of this paragraph, or even add all the numbers in this article together, they will add up to zero. The winning team is responsible for 0.5 wins, and the losing team is responsible for -.5 wins. The statistic has properties such that an 81-81 team, at the end of the season, will have a collective WPA of exactly zero. Source material for today's game can be found here.


First Hero: Jonathan Lucroy (.246)

Lucroy grounded out to third to lead off the second inning (-.019), singled to left in the fourth (.030), flied out to right to end the sixth (-.017), and hit an RBI single, scoring Ryan Braun in the eighth (.253).

Second Hero: Tony Watson (.233)

Watson came on with one out in the seventh, with runners on second and third. He got Richie Weeks to fly out to left field (.136) and induced a Carlos Gomez groundout (.098) to end the inning.

Third Hero: Travis Snider (.202)

Snider flew out to left in the first (-.015), hit an RBI single in the third (.107), grounded out to shortstop in the sixth (-.033), and advanced Starling Marte from first to third with a one out single in the eighth (.143).

Almost Heroes

Francisco Rodriguez (.158), Yovani Gallardo (.139), Jim Henderson (.104), Khrys Davis (.082), Ryan Braun (.072), Tyler Thornburg (.048), Zach Duke (.039), Jordy Mercer (.029), Pedro Alvarez (.023),

Nearly Neutral

Travis Ishikawa (.004), Scooter Gennette (.002), Starling Marte (-.001), Mark Reynolds (-.003), Edison Volquez (-.007)

Below Average

Gaby Sanchez (-.028), Jose Tabata (-.046), Carlos Gomez (-.058), Aramis Ramirez (-.081), Jean Segura (-.112), Neil Walker (-.125), Richie Weeks (-.136).


Third Zero: Andrew McCutchen (-.213)

McCutchen grounded out to shortstop to end the first inning (-.010), singled to left in the third, advancing Travis Snider to third base (.030), stealing second base a moment later (.011), hit a one-out double to left in the sixth (.064), dropped a fly ball out in the seventh (-.057), and popped out into a double play behind the catcher in the eighth (-.250).

Second Zero: Mark Melancon (-.238)

Melancon pitched the eighth inning, striking out one (.046) and allowing the game winning run on three hits. This includes Jonathan Lucroy's RBI single which scored Ryan Braun with one out (-.253).

First Zero: Russell Martin (-.344)

Martin started out his night by grounding into a double play in the second (-.081). He singled to center field in the fourth inning (.044), struck out looking with a man on third to end the sixth (-.059), and grounded into a double play in the ninth, making the first two outs of the inning (-.237).

Rolling 10 Game WPA

Best: Pedro Alvarez (.598)

Second Best: Stolmy Pimental (.420)

Third Best: Tony Watson (.401)

Third Worst: Clint Barmes (-.374)

Second Worst: Wandy Rodriguez (-.385)

Worst: Francisco Liriano (-.420)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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