Where was the money for some bats all along?

Today, the Pirates head into their 69th game of the 2014 season with a 34-34 record, thanks to a recent hot streak. Alot of people are happy with this, but couldn't has this been avoided all along if they would have spend on the bats?

I don't even wont to get into the sad decision to not sign AJ Burnete, but Marlen Bird should have been resigned, as should Gerit Jones. Instead of that, Pittsburgh tried to take afloating waiting for Polonco to surface by using guys like Travis Snydor, Travis Ithica and Adam Lambo in both right field and first base.

Right now, the Pirates are 34-34, but they could be something like 50-18 if they had just spent the money on the bats. Where were the bats all along? Sure, Polonco is going to be greet and maybe the next Clemente, but he's only a kid now and his bat isn't experienced enough for a playoff run.

Why won't the Pirate spent the money on some bats?

Hurdel should have gone for some bats in the offseason instead of pocketing the TV money and funneling it into his precious newspaper business and his presious Seven Springs skiing resort.

Hurdel doesn't care about winning. He only pretends to care.

Hurdel is a cheat. Hurdel is a scam. Hurdel is a snake sailsmen.

My seamstress's cousin's boyfriend said he use to do maintenance at Seven Springs, and Hurdel would just ride up and down his ski lifts, and laugh as he counted his money and made fun of the Pirates fans for buying into his sheme.

Hurdel don't want want to spend no money .He just wants to continue to line his pockets and his coffers with the fan's hard earned money.

Hurdel is a lier and a con.

The bats are hear now after a couple wins, but wear were the bats before? Why wasn't no money being spent on the bats?

Hurdel don't want to spend no money. That's always gonna be the problem with the Pittsburgh Pirates. No money=no World Series.

Before its to late, Hurdel needs to open his cofers and get us somemore bats for a real playoff run.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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