Guess the Score Game for 6/27: Mets at Pirates

Today's Pitchers:

Jacob deGrom (RHP, 1-4, 3.75 ERA) vs. Brandon Crumpton (RHP, 3-2, 4.93 ERA)

[ A ] Please put your prediction in the title line which should begin in the format: Pirates xx Opponent xx

e.g. Pirates 5 Mets 3

Putting the Pirates score first, then the opponents score makes tallying points much easier.

[ B ] Please make the full prediction, instead of a "+1" to someone else whose prediction you agree with

[ C ] Don’t worry about minor spelling mistakes, like "Piartes". We can handle those.


Please submit you guess by the official game start time.


weltytowngang guessed yesterday's game score and roared out to a big lead for week thirteen. BobDH, MDBuc, Chiburgh, and jpj24330 guessed the Mets score.

Overall, there were no changes to the top ten, but jpj2430 passed Yamada and JCBucs for 12th place. And weltytowngang leaves the pack in the dust and is now in 17th place.

The next scores update will be on Monday.

Good Luck, thanks for playing and Let's Go Bucs!!

Season Totals Week Thirteen Totals
BobDH 53 weltytowngang 7
Da Wolf at the Door 45 God Loves 2
Turner Ward Hits the Wall 43 Shaw Mines Road 2
Schide 42 battlingbucs 2
PghPinstripes 42 Da Wolf at the Door 2
God Loves 37 BobDH 2
Chiburgh 36 MDBuc 2
MDBuc 34 jpj2430 2
SteelChamps !! 30 Chiburgh 2
Pittsburgh_Slim 28
battlingbucs 27
jpj2430 20
Yamada 19
JCBucs 19
Bucco4Life 17
Clutch22 16
weltytowngang 14
C Shint 13 Weekly Wins
Shaw Mines Road 12 BobDH 4
RolltidefromPittsburgh 11 Turner Ward Hits the Wall 2
wlcmlc 11 PghPinstripes 2
Applesauce Parker 10 Schide 1
the wolf of pittsburgh92 6 God Loves 1
theatrain 5 RolltidefromPittsburgh 1
SteelCityFanboy 4 Bucco4Life 1
SlinkyABC 4 Da Wolf at the Door 1
ChuckPirate 2 Pittsburgh_Slim 1
BuccoJoe 2 wlcmlc 1
PixburghArn 2 C Shint 1
that412kid 2 JCBucs 1
rintintinsoldier 2 weltytowngang 1
bringbackBonilla 2
Season Week 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
1 RTP & Bucco4Life (9) theatrain, God Loves & Yamada (5)
2 Turner Ward (8) battlingbucs (7) MDBuc, Da Wolf, & Cluctch 22 (6)
3 TurnerWard (6) Tie x 4 players
4 God Loves (6) Tie x 5 players (4)
5 Schide, Da Wolf at the Door, and BobDH (4)
6 PghPinstripes (10) Schide (9) Chiburgh (6)
7 Schide and BobDH (6) Da Wolf at the Door (5)
8 BobDH (7) Da Wolf at the Door (6) Tie x 2 (5)
9 Pittsburgh_Slim (8) Turner Ward,God Loves, BobDH, and Chiburgh (6)
10 wlcmlc and BobDH (5) Tie x 5 players (4)
11 C Shint (11) Schide and BobDH (7)
12 JCBucs, PghPinstripes, and weltytowngang (7)

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