Hey Adam LaRoche-- Do you need a ride?

I had mentioned this briefly in a game thread not to long ago, however I thought it would make a good Fan Post even though the story is about a former Pirate and not a current one.

Over Memorial Day weekend I took my family to PNC park for a Saturday evening game against the Nationals. My wife and I were excited to see a great pitching match up between Stephen Strasburg and Gerrit Cole. My children were excited to get their Pedro Alvarez "bobble head" and gorge themselves at the many snack stands at PNC Park. It was a great evening being a family at the ball park capped off with a great Pirate win against a tough pitcher.

Typically when our family goes to Pittsburgh to see a Pirate game we stay with my parents, but my wife and I thought this time it would be fun to take the kids downtown and stay in a hotel. The cool thing now is that with the new subway in Pittsburgh it makes hopping from downtown to the stadium really easy. When we got back from the hotel after the game it was obvious that we were staying in the same hotel as the Washington Nationals. I will tell you it certainly made for good people watching as my wife and I had a night cap in the hotel bar.

The next morning I went down to the parking garage to get the car with my wife and 2 daughters still upstairs getting ready to go. Of course, I get to the parking lot and realize that I left my car keys in the hotel room. Irritated and ticked off, I stomp back to the hotel, call my oldest daughter and tell her to meet me outside the hotel with my car keys. As I am waiting for my daughter to bring me my keys I hear, "Wow, what does it take to get a cab in Pittsburgh?" I turn around and it is Adam LaRoche and Wilson Ramos, both late for Sunday morning batting practice.

I don't know what came over me but I looked at Adam and said, "Hey, my daughter is on her way down the elevlator with my keys, if you want I can get you over to the ball park. Adam LaRoche, reluctant at first, looked at Ramos, (who btw was kidnapped back in 2011 in Venezula) and said, would you really do that? Just as he said that my daughter comes breezing out the door, throws me my keys, and turns to head back inside when I asked her if she would like to give Adam LaRoche and Wilson Ramos a ride to the ball park. It was settled, LaRoche and Ramos both grinning decided they would take the offer.

My daughter was so shocked that LaRoche and Ramos had to coaxed her to go with us. We ran across the street, hopped into my car, and off we went to PNC Park. We spent about 15 minutes cruising around Pittsburgh talking baseball, about life on the road, and my daughters softball and cross country season. The funny thing was that my wife and 6 year old daughter were still waiting for us up in the rooml. My wife called my cell phone and when I tried to tell her what was going on she would not believe me. Seriously, who would believe that story? LaRoche had to get on the phone and convince her that he needed a lift and that my story was ligit.

When we got to the ball park both guys posed for a picture w/ my daughter, we shook hands, then both men disappeared into PNC Park. It was a crazy morning but a ball park memory that my daughter and I will never forget!

By the way, I should have included that Lobaton was with them, too. I didn't think his name held as much star power. Hahaha.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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