How to make the Bucs a contender

The Pirates have a huge hole in their rotation and Tallion is not coming to save the day. We can sit here all day and discuss if we had Burnett and then Tallion came up with Polanco how we might be set for another playoff run. We don't have either one so lets try and figure out what we have, what we can trade and how we can make this a playoff team.

Polanco is coming and you can't bring him up to ride the bench. Marte, Cutch and Polanco will get the majority of starts for the rest of the season. The question is who do you keep after that. Snyder, Harrison and Tabata. Best solution is to keep Tabata as fourth outfielder, Harrison as an infield outfield sub and drop Snyder, but that only makes our offense better. Do we have any trade value in any of them? Snyder isn't going to bring you much at all. Harrison probably has more value to the Pirates than anyone else and I don't see Tabata being a piece in a deal to bring us a starter, but perhaps someone overvalues him.

Infield seems pretty set with Davis and Gaby at first(Gaby might be able to pick up some AB's at 3B) Walker, Mercer and Barmes up the middle with Harrison able to jump in at Second if we need him to. Pedro at 3B with Gaby, Mercer, or Harrison able to spell him. Martin as long as he stays healthy behind the dish and if we need to bring up Sanchez we are good there too. I don't see us able to get rid of anyone in the infield or have anyone of value in triple A to deal either.

Bullpen once again seems solid and even with the subtraction of Morris, we have a few capable arms in the minors that I don't think we need to panic and add there. We have a history of getting the most out of our bullpen and I don't see that changing. I also don't see a transition of someone like Wilson moving to the rotation working out.

So that leaves us with the rotation.

Gerrit Cole, Morton, Volquez and Liriano. We have to hope for the best with all of them. No reason to think Liriano can't pitch better and that Cole and Morton can't keep it up for the rest of the season. Volquez is fine for a fifth starter at this point. However no one would be shocked to see him implode at any point. The Majors have figured out Cumpton and Locke and I don't see either one of them being an option that will make this rotation better. I also don't see Worley, or anyone else in AAA being a solution. Kingham is not ready to make the jump all the way to the majors. What we need(as most teams do) is a top of the rotation starter.

Who can we get and how can we get him.

Wade Miley's stock is down. The Dbacks could actually use a guy like Tabata in the outfield. I don't know if he would be the best solution for the Bucs, but lets be honest they aren't going to get David Price. Would Tabata and Kingham get you Wade Miley... and would it be worth it? I think putting him in PNC park with a top notch defense(hopefully ours shows up) would do him wonders.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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