The Bucs Dugout regulars in everyday life situations

"Oh no! I've been laid off! How can this be happening to me? This is the worst day ever! Honey, can you believe this?"

"Oh, please, stop with the negativity. You know, it's because of negativity like this that I don't look forward to you getting laid off."

"But why would you ever look forward to me getting laid off?"

"Oh, stop it! Just stop! Stop with the negativity! Maybe if you didn't act like this every time you lost your job or went into labor or got into a car accident, I'd take you a little more seriously."

"So you're saying the pain I experienced when I was having our children wasn't a big deal?"

"Look, people have kids all the time, and they experience labor pain. Yet, you sat there in that hospital, screaming and crying that it was the worst pain you had ever experienced. Meanwhile, you had similar pain when you had our first kid and our second kid. It was embarrassing how you were acting. And, quite frankly, I almost left the room and never came back"


"Oh my god! I've been stabbed! How could this have happened to me? This is the worst day ever!"

"Oh, please, stop. Just stop! People get stabbed every day."

"Yeah, I don't agree that this the worst day ever. Jeffery Dahmer's victims had it much worse."

"Yeah, Dahmer's victims say 'sup."

"How can you guys say that? I mean, you've both been stabbed too!"

"You know what, dude? You need to chill."

"Yeah, Jeremy Piven says get the f*** out!"

"Yeah, I've been stabbed, but no vital organs have been damaged, except my one kidney. In case your little brain didn't realize this, we all have two kidneys!"

"Yeah, Jeremy Piven says get the f*** out!"

"Seriously, dude, I'm tired of your "oh, the sky is falling" attitude."

"What do you mean? I don't think the sky is falling, but it sure is getting darker. I'm losing a lot of blood."

"Jeremy Piven says get the f*** out!"


"Oh no! It's an earthquake! We need to head for safety!"

"Please, just stop with your negativity!"

"Yeah, seriously. So there's an earthquake. Earthquakes happen all the time, and they're not the end of the world."

"Yeah, totally. The victims of the 1989 San Francisco earthquake say 'sup!"

"Jeremy Piven says get the f*** out!"

"We're all getting sick of your crap. Every time there's an earthquake, you act like the sky is falling. Well, you know what? I'll still have a house tomorrow. There might be severe damage, and my roof might cave in, but I still have a house, and it can be repaired. I'm going to bed."

"You don't understand. The sky is literally falling!"

"Jeremy Piven says get the f*** out!"

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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