Guess the Score Game: All-Time Update

Here are the All-Time Overall Standings:

All Time Totals
BobDH 238
God Loves 198
Da Wolf at the Door 182
MDBuc 160
Schide 150
Turner Ward Hits the Wall 147
Chiburgh 139
weltytowngang 98
JCBucs 81
pittbluedevil 67
Pittsburgh Slim 64
GoBuccos 59
cg44 52
GermanBucco 49
Green_Wave 46
grambo119 46
Steel Champs!! 45
PghPinstripes 44
Karreem of Wheat 43
PixburghArn 36
that412kid 36
Clutch22 36
Yamada 21
jpj2430 20
StanBelinda 19
C Shint 19
Kodiak32 18
j1066 18
curevefan 18
Bucco4Life 17
blogue20 16
Shaw Mines Road 16
wlcmlc 15
Garrett122 13
czBuc 12
BadAndy 12
JSteeler86 12
theatrain 11
RolltidefromPittsburgh 11
Applesauce Parker 10

Some notes:

1. The minimum qualifying score is 10 points.

2. The fastest riser of multi-year scorers is SteelChamps!!, rising from 27th to 12th place. Kudos.

3. Other risers of note: Pittsburgh_Slim from 19th to 9th place, JCBucs from 11th to 7th place, and Schide from 6th to 5th place.

4. Special Recognition: Schide, Chiburgh,weltytowngang, and pittbluedevil are the top ten players which have only played two seasons, while the rest of us have played three seasons.

5. Special Rpecial Recognition: The Bucs Dugout website would like to recognize all rookies in the All-Time standings. The website indented their scores, not me. Go figure.

All-Time Weekly Wins

Weekly Wins Overall
BobDH 13
God Loves 8
Schide 8
Turner Ward Hits the Wall 7
Da Wolf at the Door 6
weltytowngang 5
JCBucs 5
Chiburgh 5
Pittsburgh_Slim 4
pittbluedevil 4
PghPinstripes 2
MDBuc 2
GoBuccos 2
RolltidefromPittsburgh 1
Bucco4Life 1
wlcmlc 1
C Shint 1
bringbackBonilla 1
grambo119 1
Clutch22 1

All-Time Second Half Scores So Far .....

Second Half Points Overall
BobDH 88
Da Wolf at the Door 66
Turner Ward Hits the Wall 65
God Loves 43
Schide 40
Chiburgh 39
MDBuc 35
JCBucs 34
Pittsburgh Slim 30
grambo119 30
Pittxburgh Arn 25
cg44 22
pittsbluedevil 18
Kodiak32 18
blogue20 16
that412kid 12
BadAndy 10


1. There is a 10 point minimum score.

2. The scores are for the 2012 and 2013 seasons.

3. I do not have first half scores from 2012, so I have no All-Time Scores to post. But I am sure that I would not lead this catagory. My guess is that God Loves would be way out in first, I would be a distant second, Schide third, and Da Wolf at the Door or MDBuc fourth, and Chiburgh or weltytowngang sixth.

Anyway, the next postings will be for the Rockies at Pirates weekend series which will also be all of week sixteen as well.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the managing editor (Charlie) or SB Nation. FanPosts are written by Bucs Dugout readers.

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