Ian Snell "Jittery" in 4-1 Loss to Tigers


Ian Snell was nervous in the Pirates' 4-1 loss against Detroit today: If Ian Snell looked a little jittery, he might have had cause. Pitching the day after the Pirates approached him about a...

Pirates Trying to Sign Ian Snell to Long-Term Deal


I like this idea: The Pirates have given up on signing one of their young pitchers, closer Matt Capps, to a long-term contract, but they are about to try for another one: Ian Snell. Multiple...

Coonelly: Maybe We Won't Draft the Best Player


The Philly Inquirer writes about the Bucs, and not for positive reasons. One very interesting quote (italics mine): "We'll pay attention to the slot, but we'll take the best available player that...

Cardinals Asking Blog Readers for Help Drafting Players


I think this is pretty awesome. And I think the Pirates should follow the Cardinals' lead here. Is there any team in baseball who couldn't use the advice of an ultra-informed fan like Wilbur Miller,...

Bucs Lose to Boston, 5-3


Jason Bay made a couple of mistakes - one seemingly caused by the Florida sun - and the Bucs lost to Daisuke Matsuzaka and the Red Sox today, 5-3. Bryan Bullington allowed only one run in two...

Matt Morris Pitches Well, but Bucs Lose to Phillies


3-1. Matt Morris pitched two scoreless innings and struck out Ryan Howard, although even Morris admits that strike three was outside. (From the report, it sounds like a wide strike zone was a...

Community Projection: Matt Capps


How will Matt Capps fare in 2008? Let me know in the comments by predicting his 2008 innings pitched, strikeouts, walks, and ERA, preferably in that order.Here are Capps' career numbers.Matt Morris...

Maholm, Capps, Van Benschoten Fare Poorly


Pirates lose to the Rays, 7-5. Maholm and Capps I'm not so concerned about, and Tom Gorzelanny pitched a scoreless first. (Maybe the Pirates' statements that his arm trouble was minor were actually...

Reds Destroy Zach Duke


Yikes: In two innings, Duke gave up five runs -- four earned -- and six hits, including home runs by Ken Griffey Jr. and Adam Dunn in the first, each a deep shot to center off an elevated...

2008 N.L. Central Preview: Cincinnati Reds


2007 W-L: 72-90 2007 Pythagorean W-L: 75-87INRP Francisco Cordero, SP Edinson Volquez, SP Josh Fogg, P Jeremy Affeldt0UTOF Josh Hamilton, SP Eric Milton, RP Eddie GuardadoSince the Reds hired GM W...

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