Polanco at First?

Hidden Viggorish raises an interesting idea

Don't laugh too hard - Cubs sign Jonathan Sanchez

The Chicago Tribune is reporting the Cubs have signed former Pirate waste of a spot on the 25-man roster Jonathan Sanchez to a minor league deal.

Report: Orioles met with Burnett's agent at Winter Meetings

But, all he ever talks about is spending time with his family . . . oh yeah . . . that's where they live. With Liriano, Cole, Morton, Locke, Rodriguez, and Volquez in the fold (and Gomez, Cumpton, and Pimentel . . . and Taillon at some point . . . waiting in the wings), I'm going to wait and see what happens with 1B and forget about the rotation until spring. I currently have all 8 visible Fanshot slots on the main page. I think it's time to retire from the Fanshot business.

Link to AJ Burnett radio interview from 10/21

Just listened to it. The talk about his plans begins at about 4:15 into the clip. He talks about how much he likes Pittsburgh, how the fans have taken to him, and how much he's enjoyed the last 2 years. He says that his decision on whether to play or not is based on whether or not he needs to spend more time with his family. He says that where he plays isn't the issue, but whether he plays at all. He says the decision not to pitch him in Game 5 won't be a factor in his decision. It will be about his family and his kids. That's bad because his family lives closer to other teams than they do to Pittsburgh (well, it's bad for the Pirates, but not for his family). The host follows that up with the question of whether that means he's either staying in Pittsburgh or he is retiring. AJ replies to that saying "As of right now, that's where my mind is. Yes, sir, as of right now" That's good (for the Pirates anyway) . . . except for that as of right now part since he didn't have contract offers from anyone at that moment. He actually said "as of right now" twice in that one response.

Ronny Cedeno - worst player ever?

Sorry Ronny. This is too good not to share. Baseball Reference has a scoring system that rates players by some scoring system. Last place among hitters all-time is Ronny Cedeno. If it helps or makes anyone feel better, then it looks like you have to have played a certain amount to qualify for the list to begin with.

Rockies owner breaks down his budget for 2014

This is interesting. He talks about how he likes the team payroll to be about half of the team's revenue. It also breaks down costs for running a minor league system, stadium operations, personnel costs, etc. People debate these things while guessing on things like this since it's hidden from the public typically. I haven't seen an owner open up like this on these topics.

Rockies aggressively pursuing Justin Morneau

It sounds like a good fit for both Morneau and the Rockies. I thought it was unlikely he'd come back anyway. But, the list of free agent 1B's that we could put in a platoon with Gaby Sanchez without being embarrassed about it is getting pretty short (down to five letters L-O-N-E-Y). There are always trades. But, you have to give something up to get something. There are always non-tenders coming up (which could throw Garrett Jones back into consideration although he might prefer the AL). I wonder if it's too late to swap McPherson for somebody's AAA 1B to stash in our back pocket as a backup plan in case other options dry up.

Matt Morris, Lieber, Loaiza LEFT OFF the Hall of Fame Ballot

They each had 20-win seasons for the Pirates. They each pitched in All-Star games for the Pirates. Oh wait, they did that for other teams . . . never mind.

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