Tony Sanchez's Post-Game Quotes


Sanchez is clearly a guy you can root for to make it to the bigs. He seems affable and a good teammate. The quotes on getting 2 hits and Starling Marte are pretty funny. Worth a share in my opinion.

Corriea to the Angels?!


This seems hard to believe, but Rob Biertempfel is reporting that the Angels are scouting Corriea and talking to the Pirates about a trade.

"A Shocking Moment"


That was Vin Scully's call after SD scored 2 after being down to their last strike and beat the Dodgers 7-6. With runners on 2nd and 3rd, Dodger's reliever Jensen turned his back to the plate and the runner on 3rd took off for a steal of home. Jensen overthrew the catcher and the trail runner scored as Jensen lollygagged to cover home anyway.

Thirty-eight years ago today: fight with Reds turns season around...


How did the 1974 Pirates go from last-place in mid-July to the NL East pennant? Step one was an epic brawl on the Three Rivers Stadium turf.

Dan Szymborski Simulates The Second Half


Dan, an occasional commenter on the site, runs a projection of the year-end standings. All standings were projected a million times, using a Monte Carlo simulation along with the ZiPS projection system that he created. (ESPN Insider subscription req.) The projection shows the Pirates finishing 86-76, with a 22.6% chance of winning the division and a 50.6% chance of making the playoffs. In this simulation, they miss the second wild card spot by one game. Here is what is really interesting, Dan assumes that two wins represents a rough gauge of what acquiring a star would net a team and one win is about what a team can gain by bringing in an above-average player. "...the Bucs' playoff odds would jump 14 percentage points with the addition of two wins, which is the largest in baseball." A big 17 days ahead for Neal Huntington.

Horrible Bleacher Report article blasting the Pirates for not signing Appel


I'm not normally a Bleacher Report guy, but someone sent me this and it's legitimately making me angry. It's basically a cut-and-paste "Pirates are cheap" piece about the Pirates not signing Appel because they're too cheap to. The writer starts to explain the consequences of paying what Boras wanted, then takes more "notoriously cheap" shots. This is why I won't talk about baseball with most people I know.

Scouting Jameson Taillon


Here's a great scouting report from Kiley McDaniel. The money quote: "For reference, I spent draft season seeing amateur players for ESPN and saw top right-handers Kevin Gausman (LSU/Orioles pick), Mark Appel (Stanford/Pirates pick) and Lance McCullers (Tampa high school/Astros signee), ranking them in that order. I’d take Bundy and Taillon over all three."

"A Pirate for Life", by Steve Blass (BD Book Club nomination?)


I didn't see it mentioned anywhere, but earlier this week the Trib had an article on Steve Blass and his new book, "A Pirate for Life". I haven't read it, and don't (yet) own a copy, but I thought others here might like to know about it. The book is available through the usual online retailers; here is the book's page on the publisher's website.

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