Drabek, J.R. House, Mark Grace, and the 2014 Hops

The 2014 Hillsboro Hops manager J.R. House, hitting coach Mark Grace, and pitching coach Doug Drabek are in one of the photos in this link from a recent press conference. In the article, it's noted that Grace got more hits in his career off of Drabek than any other pitcher. Grace shrugs it off and notes that "Doug was one of the best in my era . . . there were guys a lot worse than Doug Drabek that owned me".

Making a Pitcher Out of Edinson Volquez - Fangraphs

Making a Pitcher Out of Edinson Volquez - Fangraphs

Jeff Francoeur -- AAA prank!

This is awesome -- thought I'd throw this out there for anyone that actually checks the Fanshots. I love that they all think Francoeur is an idiot...

Dead Stadium Tour.

Some guys visit a bunch of stadiums before they're abandoned for new stadiums.

McCutchen does impressions

Andrew McCutchen doing Jeter, Ramirez, Pujols, Griffey Jr. and Clemente. In a Fanshot where no one will see it.

Free online Sabermetrics class starting in May

It's offered by Boston U. via EdX. It looks a bit rigorous and time consuming, as you will have to learn computer programming in the R language and database manipulation with SQL, if you don't already know these things. On the other hand, it's free if you audit it, so there is nothing much to lose, except time.

Fangraphs Top 10 Pirates Prospects and Allie Interview

Fangraphs' Marc Hulet finally got to the Pirates organization, and it's pretty much the same things we've been reading all winter. The Pirates have a really good minor league system. Also of interest is this Stetson Allie interview, in which he discusses his work ethic, hitting approach and failing (but not really) as a pitcher.

skvolcanoes' question

"Is it possible? Could Snell, Maholm, Duke, Gorzelanny, etc. have performed far better under the current coaching staff than they did back when they were on the team? Liriano and Burnett each had back-to-back seasons with ERA’s over 5. They come to Pittsburgh and become top flight pitchers again. Grilli is pulled off the scrap heap. He reached his mid-30’s without any sustained success at the major league level. We get him and he pitches great. We get Hanrahan and he pitches better than ever. We swap him for Melancon and then Melancon practically turns into Dennis Eckersley. We pull Jeanmar Gomez and Vin Mazzaro off the scrap heap. They pitch far better than anyone could have expected. Far better than they did at AAA even. Wilson and Watson didn’t come off the scrap heap by any means. But, they also pitched far better than their past record indicated they should. It’s crazy to have this many guys who weren’t top prospects and didn’t have great minor league track records pitch so well at the major league level. Go back to Karstens. We even dropped him from the 40-man roster one year. He gave us some solid pitching when healthy in 2011-2012. I never saw anything to indicate Karstens would ever pitch that well at the major league level. I feel like this is the elephant in the room. I could give more examples. It really needs a Fanpost to cover it. I’d like to see what people think about this because there could be a wide variety of good, valid opinions that don’t necessarily agree with one another. The topic would be this: the story of the success at the major league level of the Pirates is that we have had one pitcher after another after another pitching far, far better than their past record indicates they have any right to pitch. I got off-topic there. My original point is that I think you could make a case that the guys we had in the past could have pitched much better with the current coaching staff. by skvolcanoes on Feb 17, 2014 | 2:40 PM up reply rec flag " This is a test of the fanshot (non-emergency) network. What do all couple of you (who still read fanshots) think about sk's comment.

Burnett signs with Phillies

ESPN reporting AJ signed a 1 yr/$16 mil contract with the Phillies today.

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