Charlie will be back in a day or two.


Charlie has been all over the country recently, staying primarily in places that have no internet. Not to worry, though.  Charlie will be back in a day or two and will likely be flooding this...

Pirates 4, Braves 3


There were a number of interesting stories in this one: -P- Jack Wilson was pulled from the game with a calf problem after he came up lame while running out a single. I don't know how long he'll...

I Don't Even Know What to Say...


About stuff like this. Apparently, one good game makes you worthy of a long-term deal, even if you're 29, are blocking a prospect, and haven't had a solidly above-average season in your whole life. ...

Braves 10, Pirates 2


Well, there wasn't much to like about this one. Jair Jurrjens had no problems with the Pirates. He looked decent - his fastball regularly hits 93 and he has a very good changeup - but he wasn't...

My Predictions: NL East


1. NEW YORK METS: The trade of Lastings Milledge was unforgivably dumb, and they've got big problems at catcher and in the corner outfield spots (Angel Pagan started in left in the Mets' opener...

Pirates Start Ryan Doumit at Catcher


Last night's game seems like it was interesting for all kinds of reasons. Unfortunately, I missed it - I was flying home while it was going on. I thought I might be able to catch some of it, but my...

What Happened to Jason Bay?


Via Primer, this is a cool article that attempts to explain the differences between Jason Bay in 2006 and Bay in 2007 by using video to demonstrate differences in his swing. It's all very...

Nate McLouth will Start in Center


Hooray. McLouth had a much better Spring than Nyjer Morgan, and has won the job he already deserved. Morgan will make the team, too, as the Kevin Thompson cut suggested.

Luis Rivas Makes 25-Man Roster


Luis Rivas has made the team: The Pirates this morning cut four players from spring training -- outfielder Kevin Thompson and relievers Jonah Bayliss, Elmer Dessens and Casey Fossum -- and added...

Link Roundup: 3/24/08


There are several good things from off the beaten path to read today, so away we go:-P- I've never heard of the author of this piece about the ten best things about being a Pirates fan, but he...


How Do You Make the Giants' Offense Worse?


Until now, I'd thought that was kind of a Zen question, really, like "What did your face look like before your ancestors were born?" or something. Sadly, it isn't - the Giants "addressed" their...

Sean Burnett, Pirates Mow Down Yankees


8-0. You know, I look at Sean Burnett's performance this Spring and wonder whether it's the result of voodoo, or bribery, or an elaborate joke being played on the Bucs by other teams, or just more...

Pirates to Go With Ronny Paulino and Ryan Doumit at Catcher


Tucked away in this article is a bit of news that's actually pretty significant. The Pirates cut catchers Michel Hernandez and Raul Chavez, which by my count means there are only two catchers left...

Miguel Cabrera Reportedly Agrees to $153 Million Extension


The Tigers and Miguel Cabrera have reportedly agreed on an eight-year, $153.3 million contract.Cabrera's obviously a great player, but it can be tough to put these huge contracts into context. Only...

Freddy Sanchez Visiting Dr. James Andrews


This isn't good. Sanchez is visiting Dr. Andrews to have his shoulder examined; it sounds possible he may have to have another surgery. Other than that, I have no idea what this means, except that...

News Roundup: 3/22/08


First, my apologies for the more sporadic updates; I'm in Morgantown working on some music and traveling around to play some shows. (If you're curious, my band FOX Japan will be in Pittsburgh at T...

Brad Lincoln Returns


It's really strange that Brad Lincoln was the fourth pick in the draft less than two years ago and now his return from injury is just a footnote. I say that not to pick on Post-Gazette writer Paul...

McLouth and Morgan May Both Make Team


This is a pretty infuriating article. Nate McLouth and Nyjer Morgan, who all spring have competed for the starting center field job, could make the team's 25-man opening day roster and, on...

Pirates Cut John Van Benschoten


Thanks a lot, Pirates, for waiting to cut Van Benschoten. You could have saved me a lot of trouble by just cutting him with Bryan Bullington. It's getting hard to come up with fresh things to say...

My Picks: NL West


1. Arizona Diamondbacks: Arizona won the West last year by bizarrely outpacing their Pythagorean record by 11 games, but they shouldn't need to do that again this year. Dan Haren should give a huge...

Pirates Send Steve Pearce to Minors


Only three players have had more home runs so far this Spring than Steve Pearce, but I guess that wasn't impressive enough, as he was just sent to minor league camp (along with Andrew McCutchen, N...

Ian Snell Signs Long-Term Deal


Excellent: Snell's deal, which takes effect this year, is guaranteed at a total of $8 million for three years. He also receives a $600,000 signing bonus. The 2011 and 2012 seasons are at the...

"Nothing in Common"


I agree with Pat - this is a very weird article. I'm not sure it means anything, but I'm surprised it didn't cause an editor or three to raise an eyebrow.

Sporting News: Jason Bay's Comments "Defeatist"


The Sporting News: Leyland wants the Pirates to win almost as passionately as he wants his current club, Detroit, to win. It pained him to hear Pittsburgh outfielder Jason Bay say during the...

2008 NL Central Preview: Chicago Cubs


2007 W-L: 85-77 Pythagorean W-L: 87-75INOF Kosuke Fukodome, SP Jon Lieber, RP Jose AscanioOUTOF Jacque Jones, OF Cliff Floyd, OF Angel Pagan, SP Mark Prior, SP Steve Trachsel, RP Will OhmanThat's a...

Cards Sign Kyle Lohse to $4.25 Million Deal


In an offseason like this, how does Kyle Lohse end up signing for $4.25 million, plus a few hundred grand in potential performance bonuses? The Mariners signed Carlos Silva to a $48 million deal...

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