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Pirates to Set Roster Today


The Post-Gazette has a good rundown of the roster, which will be set by this afternoon. Here's my best guess about what will happen (and it's just a guess, as there's still a lot of uncertainty...

Why the Pirates' "Experiment" With Jeff Clement is a Good One


This list of reasons the Pirates might win or lose this year is a really good article. Its author, Dejan Kovacevic, was on the radio yesterday saying a lot of the same stuff, and one thing that...

More on the Brandon Moss DFA


As you all know by now, the Pirates designated Brandon Moss for assignment yesterday, making way for two former Marlins--John Raynor, who takes Moss's spot on the bench, and Hayden Penn, who takes...


Astros at Pirates

Good monday.  Here's the shiny new lineup, as has been reported by the PG and Langosch. Astros Jeff Keppinger 2B J.R. Towles C Hunter Pence RF Geoff Blum SS Jason Michaels CF Chris Johnson...

Smizik: Russell, Huntington Should be Fired if 2010 Team Doesn't Perform


Bob Smizik writes that Neal Huntington and John Russell will deserve to be fired this year. His evidence? The Pirates' Spring Training performances. With that in mind, we should know better than...


Pirates at Phillies, Pirates at Rays

Two games today, the Phillies game is on Philadelphia TV so I'll be watching it. Lineups: Pirates Akinori Iwamura 2B Andy LaRoche 3B Lastings Milledge LF Ryan Church RF Steve Pearce 1B Ronny...


Blue Jays at Pirates

I won't be around for this one, but I'll start up a thread if anyone wants to discuss it.  Lineups: Blue Jays José Bautista 3B Aaron Hill 2B Jeremy Reed RF Kyle Phillips 1B Edwin Encarnación...


Pirates at Astros

Hello everyone!  We've got our opening day starter on the mound, here's hoping we can find some consistent offense throughout the game today.  At least a few hits, we've just been so quite with the...

Vinnie Chulk, Jack Taschner Look Likely to Make Team


Dejan Kovacevic reveals some roster details. Yesterday I mentioned the possibility that the Pirates might go with a short bullpen until the return of Joel Hanrahan, but Kovacevic reports that in...


Astros at Pirates

Finally our Pirates are back.  Seemed like a long time ago they played, especially with the rainout infuriatingly corresponding with a televised game.  Looks like the opening day lineup to me,...

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