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LaRoche Holds Key to LaRoche's Future

When looking at the Pirates projected 2009 opening day lineup, there are very few veterans on it.  When looking at the Pirates farm system, there are very few prospects in it. Therefore, the...

Pirates Name Perry Hill First Base Coach


Hill is best known as a first base coach and infield instructor for the Marlins. He abruptly retired in early 2007. He has a great reputation as a defensive coach; the Miami Herald calls him "the...

Huntington: Neil Walker Could Compete for Starting Third Base Job


Pirates.com: Huntington has indicated that there are still checkpoints the organization would like Walker to meet in the Minors before earning a promotion. However, if LaRoche doesn't show...

Leave Andy Allloooonnne!!!


Pat has a good new post about Andy LaRoche, and I'd like to amplify some of his points here and add a couple of my own. This isn't so much an argument as a series of semi-related points. 1. Again,...

Minor League Numbers Matter


When I read questions like the last one here, which asks if the Pirates scouted Andy LaRoche before trading for him, I get a little uncomfortable. This is a strange time of year, and the Pirates...

Brewers Still Complaining


Brewers GM Doug Melvin is upset: Melvin said he thought there should be a committee to decide scoring decisions like the one that may have cost Sabathia a no-hitter in the Brewers' 7-0 victory...

Pirates Suffer 10th Straight Loss; Brewers Challenge Bucs' Only Hit


I guess it's not Jeff Karstens' fault that the Pirates can't hit anymore, or that the Pirates' bullpen stinks. If Tyler Yates is taken to arbitration this offseason, I'll be deeply disappointed; he...

Bucs Dugout / WHYGAVS Crossover: The New Guys


With the trading deadline now behind us, I got together with Pat from WHYGAVS to discuss the eight players the Pirates acquired. We put aside the question of whether or not the Bucs made good deals...


Breaking Down the Pirates Bounty

I'm pretty impressed with what the Pirates received through trades the past couple of weeks.  i wrote about it on my blog and thought some of you might be interested in reading the piece. Is the...

Jason Bay Traded to Boston


Finally, we have something--Jason Bay has been traded to Boston in a three team deal (see below). The most current reports I have suggest that the Pirates get 3B Andy LaRoche and SP Bryan Morris f...

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