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Why We Should Keep Callaspo, Punto, and Barton (and Drop Fuld)

via media.theweek.com Update: My thoughts on whether Barton or Reddick is more likely to get it together can be found here. You know how everyone always disparages internet arguments by saying...

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Celebrate the 35th anniversary of the 1979 Pirates

The 1979 Pirates made all people in Pittsburgh feel like one, big Happy Fam-i-ly on their run to a World Series title. Willie "Pops" Stargell introduced the team to the song "We are Family" and it became a fight song that led the never-say-die team to repeat as World Series Champs.

Top 10 of '08: Honorable Mentions

UPDATE: Poll attached! Coco "Neo" Crisp dodging Shields' fist of furry. This is an honorable mention in OTM's top 10 Red Sox moments of the year. (via d.yimg.com) While the hot stove continues...

OTM Top 20 Prospects In Review: #6-10.

...finally getting back to this, sorry. 16-20. 11-15. 10. Will Middlebrooks, IF 2008 Numbers: A, 59 G 226 PA .254/.298/.368 17 2B 2 3B 1 HR 10 SB Middlebrooks made all his defensive...

Brandon Moss to be Ready for Spring Training

Pirates.com reports: Moss traveled to Vail, Colo., late last week, expecting to undergo a microfracture procedure. An end-of-the-season MRI had revealed cartilage being separated from the...

Brandon Moss Shut Down For Season

A team doctor has advised Moss to have knee surgery that could keep him out of action until Spring Training. Moss says he feels fine and will get a second opinion.

Another Quickie

I get back to San Diego late tomorrow night, then fly east the next day, so thanks for tolerating my travel schedule, and things will be back to semi-normal soon. A couple of things: -P- I got...

Very Quickly...

I didn't say a whole lot about what I actually think of the trade because I was so tired and hungry after several hours of frantically checking websites and grading papers that I just wasn't up for...

Jason Bay, Manny Ramirez: The Immediate Aftermath

Meet our new stud left fielder, Jason Bay. (via d.yimg.com) Let me start by saying that there is no possible way that I can write this now and cover everything that has been thought about or...

Manny Ramirez to Dodgers, Jason Bay to Red Sox

UPDATE: A new poll is attached. It's all official. Here's how the trade breaks down: Red Sox receive: Jason Bay (from PIT) Dodgers receive: Manny Ramirez (from BOS) Pirates receive: Craig...

Jason Bay Traded to Boston

Finally, we have something--Jason Bay has been traded to Boston in a three team deal (see below). The most current reports I have suggest that the Pirates get 3B Andy LaRoche and SP Bryan Morris f...

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