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Here There Be Pirates


I have no idea if Brian Cashman has ever seen Pirates of the Caribbean or its sequels, but it is a hard thing these days to be a Yankees fan and not be obsessively thinking about Pirates. Although...

What Wood Cashman Do?


Cliff worries that resigning Kerry Wood would result in a lot more of this than the Yankees saw in 2010. (AP) Just six days have passed...

Flags Fly Forever: Thoughts on Ivan Nova's Future and Damaso Marte's Past


Let’s face it, there’s no real drama left in the regular season for the New York Yankees. With just 22 games left to play, the closest team that could eliminate from from the playoffs (the White...

The crazy eighth


THE EIGHTH INNING IS JUST ANOTHER INNING UNLESS YOU’RE JOBA CHAMBERLAIN In today’s New York Post, Joel Sherman suggests that we’ve been on the right path about Joba Chamberlain being no lock for...

Thoughts on the non-roster invitees


THE NRI GUYS, PART I I was going to do a long rundown of the 20 non-roster invitees to Spring Training the Yankees announced on Monday, but the swell fellows at the LoHud blog have done that...

Yankees finally building bullpen the right way


The New York Yankees have changed their approach when it comes to building a bullpen.

In Praise of the LOOGY


It's a slow day, but I enjoyed this article about LOOGYs (which stands for "Lefty One-Out Guys," for the uninitiated) over at the New Republic. It's not particularly Pirates-related, since the Bucs...

I Guess It's Pick On ESPN Day...


But, at least on this score, they started it. There's nothing more embarrassing than smarmy writers who don't know what they're talking about. Where to start with this one? Please, someone, tell...

Pirates Trade Xavier Nady, Damaso Marte to Yankees


Scroll down for the latest updates. It's Nady and Marte for minor leaguers Jose Tabata, George Kontos, Russ Ohlendorf and Phil Coke. Paul Meyer doesn't have the details yet, but thinks they're...

Pirates 4, Yankees 2


I was at that first Mike Mussina- Paul Maholm matchup, the one that got delayed by rain, and it wasn't much fun--not only because we sat for hours in a very hot, wet, crowded park before the game...

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