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The Historic Ineptitude of Cam Bonifay and Dave Littlefield


Jonah Keri, ranking Bonifay and Littlefield the sixth worst general manager (both of them) in the history of professional sports: No GM had more of a knack for trading great talent and getting...

Pirates Tie Major Sport Record for Most Consecutive Losing Seasons


As with many historic events, this one resulted from a remarkable convergence of factors--spectacularly incompetent management; tight-fisted, complacent ownership; a generally pretty ambivalent...

Player to Watch: Patrick McAnaney


Following up on my post about State College below, where I said that Dave Littlefield had left little land mines all over the place, there's a pitcher named Patrick McAnaney in the low levels of...

Centre Daily Times: State College Should Reconsider Affiliation With Pirates


Wow, does State College's Centre Daily Times seem angry. I don't blame them, but still, it seems like they bring out a new pitchfork every week. Player Development Contracts last either two or...

Frank Coonelly Discusses State College


Here's a good interview with Frank Coonelly in State College's Centre Daily Times. The interviewer's main concerns, for obvious reasons, are the minor league system in general and the State College...

Classic Dave Littlefield; And, Protesters Win!


The legend continuesPhoto: trigger25 This is a gem: Most teams contacted Boras to inquire about Wieters, but not the Pirates, who had the No. 4 overall pick. So, Boras, according to a source...

The State College Spikes Are Terrible


...And the city of State College is noticing. The Centre Daily TImes: The Spikes entered Wednesday’s play at Lowell 8-24, the worst mark in the 14-team New York-Penn League. Only four teams...

Why I'm Inclined to Give John Russell a Break


A couple days ago in one of the gamethreads, we were discussing John Russell's tactical decisions -- batting 0-for-3vas second, leaving starting pitchers in the game too long, and so on. I've...

Nate McLouth Joins the Conga Line


The Post-Gazette's story on Nate McLouth is a very nice article that's often almost touching, and McLouth's breakout has been great to watch, but seeing Dave Littlefield be proven wrong over and...

Introducing... the Worst GM Poll!


Some of you may remember Dodger Math's hilariously nasty Worst GM Poll from 2006, in which Dave Littlefield flattened the competition and took home the trophy. Well, Littlefield has since moved on...

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