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DK throws down the guantlet

Dejan Kovacevic, in a just published article on the Baseball America website, reviewed the history of Sealgate, his criticism of Kyle Stark and Larry Broadway and, most importantly, Bob Nutting's...


The 2013 Rotation

The likely rotation after the trade deadline passes: A.J. Burnett Wandy Rodriguez Gerrit Cole Kyle McPherson James MacDonald or Jeff Locke or Charlie Morton If, as we should expect,...

Firing Neal Huntington

What can Pirate fans expect if Bob Nutting were to fire Neal Huntington when the season ends? What can we reasonably expect to happen if Huntington were fired? Assumptions 1. I assume Frank...


Jason Stark on the Appel negotiations

Stark wanted to hype a pending Scott Boras-Frank Coonelly death match, but I say he did not make a good go of it. The decision is Appel's to make, not Boras'. What it comes down to is Appel, the...


Ironic thoughts about Scott Boras and the Pirates

When the Pirates were guided by the McClatchyfield regime, it was said that they would pass over a Boras client because they considered a Boras client a signability risk. Moreover, Littlefield r...

Frank Coonelly and Kevin Goldstein on BDD Talk Radio Tonight


The excellent BDD Talk Radio features a special about Pedro Alvarez tonight at 7:00 PM, with Frank Coonelly, Kevin Goldstein and Jim Callis as guests. UPDATE: Eric of BDD had me call and answer some questions at the last second. I didn't have great reception, but I'm there, in the last fifteen minutes or so.

Centre Daily Times: State College Should Reconsider Affiliation With Pirates


Wow, does State College's Centre Daily Times seem angry. I don't blame them, but still, it seems like they bring out a new pitchfork every week. Player Development Contracts last either two or...

It's Not About the Payroll


My email inbox is filling up with messages from some mailing list about the Pirates' payroll and how Bob Nutting is only trying to spend as little as possible. I can understand any and all...

Frank Coonelly Discusses State College


Here's a good interview with Frank Coonelly in State College's Centre Daily Times. The interviewer's main concerns, for obvious reasons, are the minor league system in general and the State College...

Hoo Boy


I'll leave the speculation to you. Thanks to Slick1. 

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