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Orioles "Considering" Trading for Jack Wilson


Photo: David Watson The Baltimore Sun reports: [Andy] MacPhail doesn't comment specifically on players but made it clear the Orioles will focus on adding starting pitching and a shortstop. The...

Community Projection Review: Jack Wilson


PLAYER POS. COMMUNITY ZiPS ACTUAL Jack Wilson SS .272/.324/.392 .261/.313/.361 .272/.312/.348 Luis Rivas and Brian Bixler's terrible performances in Wilson's absence...

Bucs Dugout/WHYGAVS Crossover: Planning the Offseason


With the offseason upon us, Pat at WHYGAVS and I are combing through the Pirates' roster and describing our ideal offseason. This post deals with the starting lineup. CATCHER: Ryan Doumit Bucs...

Rays Make Playoffs; Lessons for the Pirates?


There's an article about this at Baseball Prospectus that I recommend you read. The idea is that the Rays' massive improvement this year has to do with an incredible improvement in their run...

Pirates Send Jose Bautista to Minors


Weird: The Pirates' starting third baseman most of the past two years was visibly stunned after general manager Neal Huntington and manager John Russell had informed him last night, in Russell's...

Dodgers GM Colletti: I'll Pay Through the Nose for a Shortstop


The LA Times: The Dodgers are in an awkward spot, waiting for the kids to succeed, antsy for the kids to succeed. They wouldn't trade Matt Kemp for Sabathia, the right call, and Kemp alone would...

Perrotto: Dodgers Talks Continue


John Perrotto: Multiple baseball sources said Sunday that the Dodgers and Pirates are in serious talks about a trade that would ship Wilson west. Wilson, who grew up and lives in the Los Angeles...

Brewers 2, Pirates 1


This was a pitchers' duel all the way, with both Dave Bush and Paul Maholm moving quickly and racking up strikeouts. The Pirates' defense, in contrast to so many games we've seen this season, was...

Rosenthal: Dodgers Pursuing Jack Wilson


Ken Rosenthal: [T]he Dodgers' bid for [C.C.] Sabathia is complicated by their pursuit of Pirates shortstop Jack Wilson as a replacement for the injured Rafael Furcal, sources say. To get...

John Van Benschoten Likely to Start Tomorrow


What an odd bit of speculation this is: The fact that pitcher Paul Maholm batted eighth in the Pirates' lineup last night could be an indication that John Van Benschoten will be the Pirates'...

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