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This Date in Mets History: March 24

Given the connotation that the names Alomar and Bay have among Mets fans, it's safe to say today is probably one of less popular days in team history.

Series Preview: Yankees @ Mets

Shot down in April, Jose Reyes and the Mets have been flying high since May. (AP) Since starting the season 5-13, the Mets have gone 36-27...

World's Greatest Fernando Tatis Joke

World's Greatest Fernando Tatis Joke

You're the best, Mr. Struggles.


You're the best, Mr. Struggles.

At Least Michael Cuddyer isn't Hunter Pence

We always nag on how bad a fielder Michael Cuddyer is in our estimation. Granted some of this is limited to first and second base, but people have been complaining about his outfield play as well. Granted this isn't a Twins highlight, but Jason Bay has suffered similar ailments as Justin Morneau (Concussion) and Delmon Young (bruised ribs). What happened is that Bay scored on a four base error when Hunter Pence dropped an easy fly ball and let it roll to the warning track.

Jason Bay Signs with Mets; Queens is the New Beirut

↵Jason Bay will be the latest big-ticket free agent to put on a Mets uniform with the hopes of rekindling a seemingly-directionless franchise, agreeing to a four-year $66-million deal with...

With December Looming, When Will the MLB Dealing Begin?

↵Tuesday is December and it seems rather insane that we'll be gearing up for all those year in review retrospectives already. Baseball season just ended, didn't it? Heck, SI already...

Baseball Hot Stove Is Officially Turned On

↵You want to know how long the baseball season is? There are less than 100 days from the end of the regular season to the start of Spring Training. That's not a lot of time to cram in rest,...

Today in Sports History: July 31st

(Garnett, Pierce, and Allen. Photo courtesy of Walter Looss Jr.) 7/31/1990 - Ryan gets to 300 With a win over the Milwaukee Brewers, Nolan Ryan becomes the first and only pitcher to reach 300 wins...

BK's interview with JetsMets321 from The Daily Stache

BK's interview with Mets blogger JetsMets321 over at The Daily Stache. I can't believe they didn't ask me! :)

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