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Boras dislikes the new draft mechanism

"There was all forms of artificial behavior in the draft,'' Boras told USA TODAY Sports. "The purpose of the draft is that it's supposed to create parity in the game. You want teams with the greatest needs to get the best available talent. "That has not been achieved in this draft. "It's created a mockery.'' Boras believes Appel was the best player available this past Monday but the Astros refused to take him. I'd much rather have Correa than Appel. But that's just me -- and the Astros, the Twins, the Mariners, etc. UPDATE from David: I looked at this article as generally being a positive for the Pirates. It suggests that Boras doesn't have any crazy negotiating ploy up his sleeve and understands the reality that the money he wants just isn't going to be there for Appel.

Picking winners


From an instructive FanGraphs article: "Out lesson for today is that it doesn’t matter how many picks you have or where you pick, there’s value to be found throughout the draft and there’s no substitute for good scouting."


Ironic thoughts about Scott Boras and the Pirates

When the Pirates were guided by the McClatchyfield regime, it was said that they would pass over a Boras client because they considered a Boras client a signability risk. Moreover, Littlefield r...

One that got away

"Add middle infielder and Texas commitment C.J. Hinojosa to the suddenly growing list of Perfect Game All Americans and top class of 2012 recruits who have chosen to spurn the 2012 MLB draft to enroll in college. ... Despite the interesting timing of Hinojosa's announcement after Harvey and Gushue, his plan to enroll early at Texas has been in the works for some time. Hinojosa began talking to the Longhorns about the possibility of doing so over a year ago, and he and the UT coaching staff had kept in contact about it since that point. Hinojosa's final decision was put on hold so he could compete in the PG All-American Classic. Hinojosa made his final decision regarding the matter upon returning from the All-American Classic, and it's one that he's comfortable with, and certainly not shying away from at the last second. Hinojosa, 17, certainly feels like he has plenty of work to do and goals to accomplish before he's ready to embark on a professional baseball career." I wonder if Hinojosa will be sophomore eligible in two years?

On Spending In The Draft


"Whupped dogs oughta stay whupped." - Seligula UPDATE by Charlie: Just noticed this. This is a great article. I wrote a little response over at SB Nation Pittsburgh.

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