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Neal Huntington Hires Joe Ferrone as Special Assistant


The SAT question is becoming clear: Jim Tracy : Neal Huntington ::  2004 Dodgers : ___________ A. You're not seriously comparing Huntington to Jim Tracy, are you? B. Come on, man, that's...

Centre Daily Times: State College Should Reconsider Affiliation With Pirates


Wow, does State College's Centre Daily Times seem angry. I don't blame them, but still, it seems like they bring out a new pitchfork every week. Player Development Contracts last either two or...

Frank Coonelly Discusses State College


Here's a good interview with Frank Coonelly in State College's Centre Daily Times. The interviewer's main concerns, for obvious reasons, are the minor league system in general and the State College...

Nate McLouth's Defense


There's been a lot of talk today--here at Bucs Dugout, at the PBC Blog, and at WHYGAVS, about this article at Baseball Think Factory that says that Nate McLouth has been fielding "terribly" this...

Hoo Boy


I'll leave the speculation to you. Thanks to Slick1. 

Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before


Jayson Stark: The Pirates are this year's winners of the Team Most Grumbled About Before the Deadline award. You name a contender. They've all made a run at somebody in the Pirates' display case...

Pirates "Frustrated" With Pedro Alvarez Negotations


The Post-Gazette: "I am frustrated that negotiations haven't concluded of yet," Coonelly said by phone from Pittsburgh. "We were very hopeful to have Pedro playing for the Pirates' affiliates by...

Huntington: Read Between the Lines! We're Rebuilding


Thanks to Bucdaddy for catching this: "We don't have the depth to get to the next step with the group we have right now," general manager Neal Huntington said. "How do we get that depth? We...

Cardinals 11, Pirates 6 - The Bullpen Strikes Again


You know, these 1990s-Rockies-style games the Pirates have played recently are exciting occasionally, but they're exhausting, and you feel for the pitchers, and there reaches a point where you...

Pirates 9, Reds 5


Five days ago, I wrote that the next few days after that might mark a turning point in the Pirates' season. Fast forward to the present and Matt Capps is now gone, but the Bucs have won three of...

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