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Pirates Make Jim Benedict Special Assistant to GM


Pirates.com: Joining the Pirates as a special assistant to Huntington will be Jim Benedict, who most recently worked as a Major League scout for Cleveland. Prior to Benedict's two years with the...

Link Roundup: Pedro Goes to Florida; Brewers Go to Playoffs


-P- Congratulations to the Brewers, who made the playoffs for the first time since 1982. I've written about the Brewers a lot here because them and the Pirates are like two sides of the same coin,...

Pedro Alvarez Finally Signs Contact


He could sign his contract today if Major League Baseball and the players' union settle their grievance. That would be great. UPDATE: The grievance has been settled. Alvarez has been removed from...

Testimony Postponed in Pedro Alvarez Case


Good news: Testimony in the Pedro Alvarez case has been postponed for today, while arbitrator Shyam Das waits for the union and Major League Baseball to reach a deal that would presumably conclude...

Bucs, Pedro Alvarez Strike New Deal


It's a four-year, major-league deal worth $6.355 million, the Post-Gazette reports. It's pending a physical. The deal calls for a bonus of $6 million, just like before, except now it's paid over...

Link Roundup: 9/11/08


-P- Just noticed that Baseball Prospectus's Playoff Odds Report now predicts the Pirates will win 67 games. They're remarkably consistent: last year they won 68 games, and the two seasons before...

Pedro Alvarez Hearings Likely to Drag on Forever


Ugh. Looks like there's no way Pedro Alvarez will play winter ball. [Bud] Selig finished his testimony, though [Labor lawyer Dan] Halem will continue in his when the hearing picks back up on...

Scott Boras Fires Back; Pirates to Promote Luis Cruz


I'm getting a little tired of the Pedro Alvarez saga, but here's some of the latest news:  MLB's stance in the Sept. 10 arbitration hearing will be that [Royals first rounder Eric] Hosmer's...

Kevin Goldstein Explains Pedro Alvarez Situation


Baseball Prospectus' Kevin Goldstein is on Baseball Digest Daily radio today talking about the Pedro Alvarez debacle. (It starts at about 20:00 into the show.) The summary: rules were broken, no...

Latest on Pedro Alvarez


Dejan Kovacevic has it. In case any of the following paragraphs are confusing, just remember: Scott Boras is Pedro Alvarez's and Eric Hosmer's agent, and his side of the grievance is being argued...

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