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Frank Coonelly and Kevin Goldstein on BDD Talk Radio Tonight


The excellent BDD Talk Radio features a special about Pedro Alvarez tonight at 7:00 PM, with Frank Coonelly, Kevin Goldstein and Jim Callis as guests. UPDATE: Eric of BDD had me call and answer some questions at the last second. I didn't have great reception, but I'm there, in the last fifteen minutes or so.

ESPN Reports on Pedro Alvarez


Here's a good story from Jerry Crasnick about the Pedro Alvarez situation, mostly from the perspectives of Alvarez and Scott Boras. It's going to be tough for Alvarez whenever he comes to play in Pittsburgh. No one has ever gotten Alvarez to talk about this situation, and Crasnick says he's basically been "sequestered." The article also reports that he'll work out this semester at Vanderbilt. Alvarez is lucky, in a way, that Boras pulled this stunt on the Pirates and not some other team. If he'd tried it on, say, the Mets, I'm sure there would be journalists heading down to Nashville and asking around about where the gym is.

Goldstein: "Lack of Jurisdiction" in Alvarez Case Likely


Here's another excellent article by Baseball Prospectus' Kevin Goldstein regarding the Pedro Alvarez situation. Goldstein describes the various possibilities the arbitrator might consider, describes why most of them will rip off one party or another, then speculates that because of this, it is likely the arbitrator will decide that because Alvarez is not a member of the union, he cannot "provide a remedy" for him. In this case, I assume what would happen is that the arbitrator would tell Major League Baseball to stop extending the deadline, but allow the Alvarez and Eric Hosmer contracts to stand. This obviously would be fine with me.

Pedro Alvarez - The Details


Kevin Goldstein at Baseball Prospectus provides some of the specifics on the Pedro Alvarez case (subscription required). I don't have any additional comments on the Alvarez situation right now, but if you've got a BP subscription, this is a useful reference.

Boras Claims Alvarez Signing Was After Midnight


"The Pirates on Wednesday announced that at the team's request, Major League Baseball has placed Alvarez on the restricted list because Alvarez's agent, Scott Boras, informed the team that Alvarez would not sign the contract and wants it renegotiated." UPDATE by Charlie: Dejan Kovacevic has more, including the full text of a statement from the Pirates, which points out that the commissioner's office received the agreement of another Boras client, Kansas City top pick Eric Hosmer, after Alvarez's, so Hosmer's contract could come into question if Boras continues to pursue this. This is pretty unbelievable, even for Boras. My guess is that he will not get away with this, Alvarez will report soon, and then the Pirates won't have to make deals with Alvarez for six or seven years after that. This article at MLB.com actually cites a source who says that Boras only wants another $200,000 for Alvarez, which would tie Alvarez with Buster Posey for the largest bonus paid in the draft. As far as I can tell--and I'm not a lawyer, so correct me in the comments if I'm wrong--this could jeopardize Alvarez's entire bonus. He's from a poor family, he just got $6 million, and he's letting his agent put all of it at risk (and also putting Hosmer's bonus at risk) for $200,000. If true, this is just amazing, and it's the sort of BS that will hopefully convince other talented amateurs to avoid Boras--it seems to be all about him, and not the needs of his clients. Alvarez has a Vanderbilt education, so it'd be shocking to me if he weren't smart enough to figure this out. If Alvarez is actually encouraging this, rather than foolishly trusting his agent to do the right thing, he's a spectacular jerk and it's going to be really hard to root for him. By the way, there's no limit on the amount of time a team can keep a player on the restricted list. You better hope Boras wins the grievance, Pedro--the Pirates can wait forever, and you can't reenter the draft.

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