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Community Projection Review: Ronny Paulino


PLAYER POS. COMMUNITY ZiPS ACTUAL Ronny Paulino C .260/.319/.395 .263/.321/.366 .212/.217/.305 Shamefully, I didn't give the front office enough credit and assumed, going...

Pirates Uncomfortable Throwing to Paulino


The Post-Gazette:  There is no sign that the lunatics are running the asylum, but it should not be dismissed that the Pirates' pitchers -- unwittingly, in most cases -- played a role in...


Bye Bye, Ronny

Ryan Doumit has been activated; Ronny Paulino has been optioned to Class AAA Indianapolis. "What I can I say?" said Paulino, who hit .310 as a rookie in 2006 but whose defense tailed off last...

Pirates Considering Sending Ronny Paulino to Minors


I'd do it if I were them:  The Pirates are contemplating keeping catcher Raul Chavez on the roster once Ryan Doumit is ready to return this weekend, and part of those ongoing discussions is the...

Pirates 14, Cardinals 4


If last Wednesday's game was one of the worst of the season, tonight's had to be one of the best. Luis Rivas, for example, hit a grand slam and a triple. (The triple was actually more like a single...

Roundup: On Pearce and Paulino


-P- (UPDATE: Naturally, this bit was written before Paulino's explosion today. I think he's just trying to make me mad.) You know, I'm not saying Raul Chavez -- who made two starts in a row...

Pirates 8, Cardinals 4


I didn't mean to focus on the negative by failing to post a recap of last night's game. The sad truth was that I had to leave in the eighth inning, so I missed all the fun. It sounds like there...

Pirates Place Ryan Doumit on DL


Ryan Doumit has been placed on the DL with a broken thumb. Raul Chavez has been recalled to take his place on the roster. Obviously, this is bad for any number of reasons -- Doumit was a very...

Pirates 5, Braves 0; Braves 8, Pirates 1


When you've got a doubleheader and you're starting Zach Duke and John Van Benschoten, you've got to be pretty happy winning just one.  In the first game, the mirage Duke is conjuring just got...

Bucs Like Ryan Doumit at Catcher


The Post Gazette reports that the Pirates like Ryan Doumit's progress behind the plate. Me too, and I don't doubt that there are tons of people who have honest and well-founded opinions about...

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