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Proud of Myself


Working on a Community Projection Review for Matt Morris just now, I encountered this, which I wrote in late February: You can't exactly tell from the projection, but a couple of you really...

Community Projection Review: Tom Gorzelanny


PLAYER POS. COMMUNITY ZiPS ACTUAL Tom Gorzelanny SP 141 IP, 103 K, 49 BB, 4.15 ERA 184 IP, 128 K, 61 BB, 4.16 ERA 105 IP, 67 K, 70 BB, 6.66 ERA The community was...

Link Roundup: 9/11/08


-P- Just noticed that Baseball Prospectus's Playoff Odds Report now predicts the Pirates will win 67 games. They're remarkably consistent: last year they won 68 games, and the two seasons before...

Link Roundup, 8/23/08: More Roster Moves


-P- I answered some questions about the Pirates for the Brewers blog Right Field Bleachers earlier this week. -P- Tom Gorzelanny will start tonight against the Brewers; Paul Maholm and Jeff...

Tom Gorzelanny Rejoins Bucs


The Post-Gazette: Struggling Zach Duke is the scheduled starter for tonight and, as of late yesterday afternoon, that remained the case. But Gorzelanny's most recent start for Indianapolis was...


Gorzelanny Fans Ten Red Wings Again! Otherwise Unimpressive (Only Half-joking)

For perspective on that headline, you might want to read at least some of this diary I wrote in June of 2006 when Tom Gorzelanny also struck 10 Red Wings.Basically, he threw harder then, and harder...

It's Tough Being a Pitcher


Without exceeding fair-use limits, it's really hard to find a blockquote for the beginning of this Post-Gazette article that explains its argument well, so I suggest you go read it. But here's a...

Bucs Demote Tom Gorzelanny


The Trib reports: The Pirates today optioned left-hander Tom Gorzelanny to Triple-A Indianapolis. There was no immediate word who will replace Gorzelanny in the starting rotation. Right-hander...

Brewers 9, Pirates 1


Remarkably, the Pirates managed to get runners into scoring position during each of the first six innings, and they still managed just one run. It sounds silly, but this easily could have been a...



Other than the whole thirteen-innings-and-six-pitchers thing, this worked out shockingly well. Ty Taubenheim, Tyler Yates, T.J. Beam and John Van Benschoten pitched ten of those innings, struck out...

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