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Pirates Trade Romulo Sanchez to Yankees


The Pirates have dealt reliever Romulo Sanchez to the Yankees for minor league starting pitcher Eric Hacker. Hacker isn't a great, or even good, prospect--he's already 26 and just got to AAA--but...

Pirates Trade Andy Phillips For... An Actual Prospect?


Apparently the Pirates have traded minor league utilityman Andy Phillips to the White Sox for Michael Dubee, a starting pitcher who played pretty well as a 22-year-old at Class A+ last year and...

Orioles Get Rich Hill


For a player to be named! Wow. Clearly the Orioles have some sort of secret deal whereby Jim Hendry has to give the O's any talented player who disappoints him for one second, but it's too bad the...

Cubs Trade Felix Pie to Orioles


Ooh, interesting trade. Pie, for those who haven't seen much of him, is toolsy and incredibly exciting to watch, but he's had a rough time in parts of two years with Chicago, which isn't the sort...

Rangers Sign Derrick Turnbow


...Thus saving us from discussing Derrick Turnbow anymore, which I'm pretty happy about. In other news, the Angels signed Brian Fuentes to a two-year, $17.5 million deal, wit a 2011 option that...

In Defense of the Jason Bay Trade


Why was the Pirates' late-July trade of Jason Bay a good idea?

Braves Sign Rafael Furcal, May Talk Trade with Pirates


The Braves have agreed to a deal with Rafael Furcal, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. The interesting thing about it is that the Braves didn't exactly need a middle infielder, as they...

Winter Meetings, Day 4: Bucs Take Donald Veal in Rule 5


Bumped for the Rule 5 draft at noon. I'll (hopefully) be on a plane when this goes down, but you can follow the draft here and here and in the comments. You may want to check out the post below...

Winter Meetings, Day 3: Pirates Approach Key Players About Extensions


The Pirates have approached Nate McLouth, Paul Maholm and Ryan Doumit about extensions, the Post-Gazette reports. The Bucs signed three players in similar situations (Matt Capps, Freddy Sanchez a...

Dodgers Still Interested in Jack Wilson, Pirates Pursuing Eckstein


Bumped, newer stuff below - Charlie The Post-Gazette: The Dodgers have not slammed the door on Wilson, but [Dodgers GM] Ned Colletti is exasperated by the Pirates' asking price and has turned...

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